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The ACE Fourms Tipping Comp

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To enter the ACE Forums Footy Tipping competition, a tipper must be a registered member of ACE Forums. Members are asked to use their forum names for the competition but if they use an alternative name please PM Ged to confirm.


The standard tipping game allows you to enter your tips for any upcoming round at any time.

You may enter or edit your tips right up until the published start time for each match.

Use the comprehensive 'Match Facts' and 'Your Record' facilities to assist you when making the all-important selections.

You can also choose to submit the most popular tips - these are the most selected tips at the time you've submitted them. Or you can play the luck of the draw and choose to submit your tips at random.


You'll receive 1 point for every correct tip. If you tip all the winners in any given round, you'll receive a BONUS score of 2 points.

Be sure to enter a margin prediction as provided, for one match of the round and prior to it's kick-off time (this is usually the first match of the round, however it may vary).

Your margin prediction is used as a tiebreaker if there's more than one tipper with the same score. Your margin is accumulated throughout the Season.


If you forget to enter tips for any match before the cut-off time, you'll automatically be given the AWAY team as your selection and you'll score points based on results for all missed matches.

If joining at a latter stage during the Season, you'll receive the AWAY scores from each completed round, up to a maximum of 4 points for any completed round that you missed.

If you forget to enter your margin, you'll get the average tipping margin from everyone playing as your prediction for that particular round.

Results are made available shortly after the completion of each match (usually between 5 and 15 minutes), with full results and rankings being confirmed and finalised within a few hours of the completion of each round.


The overall winner will be the person with the highest score at the end of the competition, including the State of Origins and the Finals. If there is more than one winner the prize will be divided amongst the winners ie. in the event of a tie for first by two people, the 2 winners would share the first and second place prizes and so on.

All ACE forum members including Mods and Admins are allowed to compete. This should make it interesting


The competition is run on Sportal as we did last year. The details are as follows;

The Comp you've been asked to join is:

Comp#: 719449

If you haven't played previously you can register by following the link below.


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