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All members who wish to use the Classified forums will need to apply for access. If you are approved your account will change from a Basic user to a Regular user and the Classifieds forums will magically appear. We do not normally contact you unless there is a problem with your application.

First of all you will need to read the following terms of use and make sure you are happy to comply:

- No trading of hybrid cichlids or dyed fish. (As hybrid cichlids from discus and angelfish are limited to their respective genera, sales of these species - while discouraged - are acceptable at ACE forums.

- No trading of restricted medication. Please refer to the direction of the APVMA (Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority)

- ACE fully supports the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). No trading of these species is permitted on ACE. http://www.environme.../pubs/cites.pdf

- No posts by businesses other than our ACE advertisers.

- Preface all new topic posts with one of either WTB: (Wanted to buy) or FS: (For sale) or EOI: (Expressions of interest) or FREE: (self explanatory).

- Sensible subject lines only. FS: cichlids or WTB: Lizards are unhelpful thread titles and will be changed by Mods or deleted altogether.

- Scientific names. Please use full scientific names in subject lines to avoid confusion.

- Location must be in the subject line or body of classified

- Wheeling and dealing. Buying fish or Herps from one breeder and selling them the next day on the same forum isn't going to win you friends, while we don't intend to bar this practice entirely - Wheel and Deal at your own risk. Don't be that surprised when no-one will sell livestock to you.

- Report troubles. Please inform the Mods if you have problems with a user. We cannot fix a problem if we do not know about it. Members who take the law into their own hands may lose their classifieds access. That being so: You use the classifieds at your own risk. ACE Inc. and its members are not liable for any trading that occurs here.

- No post bumping - ie: moving a thread to the top of the page without adding any significant information to it. Posts which are considered bumping will be deleted without warning. Threads which are bumped by the seller may cause the whole thread to disappear :yes:
Posts stating "you have a pm" or "you have email" are useless, as the recipient will certainly find out in due course :roll

- Items which are not Fish or Herp related are not allowed to be sold in these forums.

- Off topic posts or posts not directly related to the sale or purchase at hand will be deleted.

- Leave a location in your profile. It will appear in the left-hand column of your posts. Location must be Suburb and State. Sydney is not a suburb, it's a capital city. Gold Coast is not a suburb. If you don't show a correct location you will lose access to the classifieds forums. It's nice and simple :)

- No auctions without permission from an Administrator prior to an auction taking place. If you badly want to run one, contact an Admin and they will run it on your behalf. Members must post a price for the goods that they are trying to sell. Members who are gauging interest through a EOI thread will be required to post a price. Threads that state "Make an offer via PM" or similar in the first post of the thread will be deemed an auction. If you are unsure on the value of the goods you will find the Search function a great asset.

- If you provide a picture of the fish you are selling and it is not the actual fish for sale, please say so.

- These forums are provided free of charge to you, at the expense of our sponsors. All non-sponsors are expected to be active members who are involved in the main forum as well as the classifieds. If we get the impression that your main reason for being here is to buy or sell fish/related goods, we may reconsider your membership. Members who fail to log into the forum and post in the main discussion threads i.e Cichlid Discussion, Technical, Non-Cichlid Discussion and Photography Forum in a sixty day period will lose access to the Classifieds. Once they have posted on the forum the access will automatically be reinstated.


Ok that's it for the rules. You're almost at the application form but first here's a few things to remember when filling it out:

- All the blanks need to be completed. Full name means full name :roll

- Your email address and phone number need to be correct, we randomly check these and accounts with the wrong details will be suspended. Your email address also needs to be an isp-provided address, and not a freebie account such as gmail, hotmail or yahoo.

- Your location needs to be updated in your ACE profile before you email the form, and needs to remain there while you have classifieds access. Removal of your location will result in removal of your access. Your location needs to be shown correctly, as outlined above in the terms of use.

- Please use a common-sense title when sending your email so it doesn't get dumped by a spam filter. Something like "Application for ACE Classifieds" will be fine but you will also need to include your Username in the title.

- We process a lot of these applications, and do them in our spare time when we are not at work or spending time with our families. Please be patient if your application is taking a few days, it probably means we are just busy with our lives ;)

- Please be assured that your information is confidential, and will not be given or, resold to any third parties with the exception of the police should a matter require their attention.

- If you have any questions about this, please email them to the address below before you send the form.

- Please copy and paste the following form into your email client, fill in the blanks and send it to aceforumsATlive.com (replace AT with the @ symbol).

-------------------------------------------------BEGIN FORM-------------------------------------------------------------

I, ________________ (full name), using the username _________ would like to apply for access to the ACE classifieds for buying and selling fish and Herp related products.

I understand that I am trading at my own risk and neither the ACE, it's owner, administrators or moderators take any responsibility for any incidents that occur as a result of this trading.

Once granted access, I agree to comply with the all of the "Classifieds Forum Terms of Use" and I understand that failure to do so may mean cancellation of my account.

I understand and accept that any posts I make that are deemed unacceptable by the ACE staff will be removed by them without notice.

I understand that the classifieds are for use only by private members, with the exception of the ACE advertisers.

Contact telephone number: ____________________

Location (Suburb + State): _____________________

---------------------------------------------------END FORM-------------------------------------------------------------

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