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Although this isn't a rule, this seems the best place for it.

We have a number of different user groups within the forum. Here's a few of the main ones:


This is where you start. You have access to the main forum and most of the functions.


These people have applied for access to the classifieds forums and their application has been accepted.

Interstate Representative

We try to have one person from each state to update our All States section. This helps us to all know what's coming up in our local area.

Forum Veteran

These people have been around for a while. They have a wealth of knowledge and their advice is normally sound.

ACE Supporters

You'll find yourself in this group if you purchase any of our promotional goods when they are offered for sale. There's a few extra benefits offered to those in this group, and you'll stay in this group for the current financial year.

ACE Advertiser

These are our sponsors. They are the ones who keep this forum free for you guys so please support them by checking out their stores and buying from them where possible.

Mods and Admins

The workers :)

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