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Found 11 results

  1. Hey guys, been out of the hobby for a few years but looking to get a new tank. Are the all in one tanks ok? It's hard to get info on them. I'm looking at getting one of the bigger Aquaone tanks, around the 4ft mark. Or should I hit up MSAquariums for a tank/stand and get a seperate canister etc? From memory Aquaone used to be a bit of a dirty word, are they any better?
  2. Hi everyone, I am asking for opinions on what return pump you lads use in their sump filtration system. I have a 4ft tank with 2.5ft sump. I would like to have strong filtration perhaps double of what I need as I intend to have around 12-15 Peacocks inside. I am new to sumps and would like to see what people recommend. Also what should the flow rate be for my tank per hours. My tank is 250L and sump is 150L. I would like to cycle it up to 5-6 times an hour?? My other community tank is a 150L with a Ehiem 2217 which from the specification should filter my tank 4.75 times an hour. This is just what I am comparing to. Please let me know your past experience/knowledge! and correct me if need be. Cheers
  3. Basically what the title says! Can I put any kind of pleco with any kind of cichlid? Opinions and information please and thank you
  4. From the album: 3ft - June 2013

  5. From the album: 3ft - June 2013

  6. From the album: 3ft - June 2013

  7. I have been planning on expanding from my 54L tank to a much larger size, my end goal is to have a house with a VERY large tank built into it so I decided to build myself a plywood tank to get a bit of practice on the matter, I was just posting to get any tips from people who have been down this road before the dimensions will be 120cm across the front, 40 cm high and 35 cm deep, also any ideas on stocking that would match my current tank with 2 juvenile male (starting to get spots on their fins so I assume male) johanni, 1 electric yellow, 1 yellowtail acei and 1 decent sized bristlenose who cleans the tank while I sleep, any ideas would be great
  8. Hi im new to the hobby and im basically gettin more into it i got a few questions about the tank, filteration brands and few basics about the fishes i should start off with, For the tank it self does it matter if its second hand or brand new which would be better? And filteration brands at the reasonable price? After i've cycled the tank any recommendation on which fishes to start of wit? Thanks
  9. Hello I have just set up a 6x2x2 tank and was wondering what rocks I should put in there I'm goin to be putting in Texas holy rock but was wondering what else I should put in there to mix it up a bit if anyone has some good ideas with what else I can put in there that my cichlids will love that'd be good thankyou. Andrew.
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