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Found 6 results

  1. Hey guys, been out of the hobby for a few years but looking to get a new tank. Are the all in one tanks ok? It's hard to get info on them. I'm looking at getting one of the bigger Aquaone tanks, around the 4ft mark. Or should I hit up MSAquariums for a tank/stand and get a seperate canister etc? From memory Aquaone used to be a bit of a dirty word, are they any better?
  2. Hey guys. So over the next few months I'll be upgrading from my standard 4 foot to a 5x2x2. I will be running a sump on the new set-up, however as I have only really had experience with canisters I was after your suggestions and thoughts as to: - what size sump is required, - What size pump would be best for the return, - sump set-up/layout and , - the best media that you'd all recommend for the sump. I'm here to learn from all of your years of experience so please fire away! Cheers
  3. I'm considering starting an African Cichlid tank. I've had Discus before, and currently have a marine tank running. But as I consider filtration for a new tank it seems that wet/dry filters are still popular in the African Cichlid world. They've been abandoned for a while in the Marine world as fully submerged media (in the form of live rock) handles all of the biological filtration needed. The dry components of the wet/dry sumps are seen as simply a home for detritus. Are there people running sumps just full of submerged media without the dry section? Isn't oxygenation sufficiently addressed via a weir/overflow? Thanks for your wisdom, Ben.
  4. Hi All Does anyone have any experience with the BIOHome product range ? (http://www.tynevalleyaquatics.co.uk/biohome-media/4573328269) It seems to be pushed by one shop in the UK, but there are claimis its been used in the trade for a long time. It's expensive, I'll need around 10Kg and cost is around $300 with $50 shipping. But if its reduces my need for water changes, resulting in a more stable tank it might be worth it. Comments ?
  5. Hi all, I have a 6x2x2 tank which runs with a FX5 and Eheim Pro3, latter connected to Deco heater/chiller. Ideally wanna get rid of the Eheim Pro3 and get another FX5 and connect to heater/ chiller. questions I have are: 1) The in and outlet on the FX5 are much bigger that the in/outlet on the Deco chiller, does anyone have this kinda of set up and how do you connect the FX5 and Deco chiller. Also have been advised that the FX5 is too powerfull for the Deco ?? 2) How would you connect a spray bar to a FX5, connection hose wise ? As you may see from the above I am not very technical minded. Appreciate any comments or even better a photo of the connection issue. Thanks Frank
  6. HI all, Questions for the more technical people on here. 1) Have an eheim Pro 3, 2080, I find them not very powerfull when connected to a Deco chiller, the problem I find is the white rubber thing seen in the below photo keeps getting loose so the sucking/output gets reduced: http://i298.photobucket.com/albums/mm243/Foppermann/IMG_5870_zps2928c902.jpg Is it me having a blonde moment or is there any way of rectifying this annoying issue easily. 2) Does anyone have any experience in connecting an Fluval FX5 to a chiller, have been told the FX5 is too powerfull for a Deco chiller. Would appreciate any input you may have. Cheers Frank
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