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    I love breeding fish I also make breeding logs , caves ,rocks all hand made. www.zigzagfish.com.au

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  1. zigzagfish

    anyone still breeding msobo ? not many around

    Mine did the same once they got around 7/8 cm they just stop i manage to get a couple of mouth full around 40 I have started another colony and hope to get them breeding soon as they are getting to size How is the male i gave you Edwin?
  2. zigzagfish

    Help sexing L397

    Both males Cheers Lionel
  3. zigzagfish

    red top black bar male

  4. zigzagfish

    Advice required - Sick Fish

    when cleaning your filter always use tank water as tap water will kill any good bacteria in your filter media
  5. zigzagfish

    Major Auction March NSWCS

    we had a great range of fish
  6. zigzagfish

    Cichlid Stones available in OZ now

    If anyone is interested just contact me by email zigzagfish@live.com or 04252834404 Cheers Lionel
  7. zigzagfish

    Cichlid Stones available in OZ now

    if you are after some I make some similar email me I make them in 2 sizes cheers also make in sets
  8. zigzagfish

    NSWCS Jan Meeting

    albino red tops, electras, 6 bar burundi
  9. zigzagfish

    Cichlid I.D.Please Help

    I agree they are cross , I have a colony that I bought from Charlie wright before he got out of the hobby (Around 3 years ago) they are very good quality , compering to the photos they look nothing like them.
  10. zigzagfish

    a few more pics :)

    they are looking great
  11. zigzagfish

    Can someone sex these pepps?

    the one in the first pic is a male and the one in the last pic looks to be a female
  12. zigzagfish

    Could the pellets be stale?

    Hi Gianniz The 2 mm lot of food it was ordered and re packed a week before the meeting so I don't think its stale , I asked jannette about it and she thinks it might be the one she accidently got it with her nail when she did serve you and she put it in a bag for you is that right ? if you have any concern about the food please bring it back and she will replace it for you Lionel
  13. zigzagfish

    Anyone keeping Neolamprologus Tetracanthus?

    I have a nice pair and extra adult male and plenty of fry lol they are a nice fish , males can get a bit aggressive and territorial I haven't seen the yellow variant .
  14. zigzagfish

    Where are the guys with blue lipstick?

    anyone in nsw breeding them yet ?? I would like to get my hands on a few