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  1. agro77


    That explain's it. I added some Trace mix, I messed up my calculation and put 10x as much as I should have, the mix contains 3% Cu... after the 3 water changes of 40% each the problem appears to have gone. Considering I have a degree in math..... Silly mistake that could have ended my 2 years with out a fish death stretch... Thanks all for the advice. Anthony
  2. Damm you remember all that stuff from Year 11.... Maybe I did drink to much in my teens....hehe
  3. agro77


    Well I have been doing 50% water changes on the tank now for 4 days stright. adding rock salt at a rate of 1tbs per 10 ltrs changed. I have also raised the temp to 31deg. I added 2 more airstones. I am going to the Aquarium tonight and Im still unsure which medicine I should Buy? It doesnt sound like velvet? and i cant find a pic on the web at all Any other advice?
  4. agro77


    1. Description of the symptoms, obvious signs of disease and behaviour of your fish. (wounds, nodules, erratic movement/breathing, feeding pattern etc.) 2. List the fish that are exhibiting the above symptoms/behaviour: genus and species name. (some diseases and health concerns are more prevalent in certain types of fish) Just the sharks, oscars silver dollars and Plecos are all showing no signs of the disease 3. When and how did the symptons/behaviour start? (when and how did you first notice the problem) Sunday night they started getting dusty 4. How old are the affected/sick fish? (age can also be a determining factor) 3 years old 5. Have any new fish been added to the tank? (if "yes", when were they added, how many, from where did they originate and what type of fish were they?) Not for at least 2 years 6. Has anything 'special' happened recently? (eg. water change, power failure, change of water conditioners/addition of chemicals, new plants/decor/substrate, treatment for other diseases, been away for a few days, house painted/fumagated, new pets, grand children banging on the glass etc.) Nope 7. What are the water parameters? (where relevant) - pH =6.9 stable for over 2 years - kH = - gH = - Temp =28 - O2 content = - CO2 additions = - NH3 = - NO2 = - NO3 = - Metals (copper, iron, lead) = 8. Describe the aquarium and its contents (age, size, filter size/capacity, rocks/substrate/coral type, fish and plant species still in the tank) 4 x 2 x 2 oscars plecos and silver dollars 9. When was the water last changed and how much was changed? (include description of procedure) 40% weekly, tap water directly into tank. then de-clor.... 10. When was the filter last cleaned? (describe procedure followed) 1 sponge is cleaned each alternate water change. the U/G filter is gravel vac every time 11. What brand and type of food has been used over the past month? (include treats/live foods/vegetables) Cooked Prawns and A flake and pellet (generic brand) HELP
  5. Update 3... Well the wood is starting to sink slowly. The tank is starting to settle. Ph is 6.8, iron is 5ppm. Cant remember the unit measurement. The val I planted at the back of the tank as wall cover is going nuts It is shooting new stems everywhere. For the first time ever in a tank I own I have Pearling Even the cripts are doing it...... I must be doing something right I will be off to get a few more test kits on the weekend. whats everyones recomendations? I have added a few snails to combat the single strand algae. Now I need some more plants Looking forward to your comments Anthony
  6. I have used a garden hose for the past 4 years, cost me $32 and it is strong and does not kink. Cheers
  7. Yeah I tried this last night. I grabbed the 25mm spade bit and drilled about 20 holes, all at least 75mm deep. Was suprised to find that even though the timber has been soaking for a week, anything much deeper then 40mm was completly dry. Will keep you posted Cheers Anthony
  8. Hi ViV, the trace mix was $8.95 the Potassium was $9.90 and the clay balls $1.20 per litre Not overly expensive at all. The store is in victora in South yarra... Cheers
  9. Update.....2 Weekend Of FUN Ok stainned the stand and coated with laquer (2 coats). Placed the tank on the stand and started with the build. Laying in the ClayBalls Covering the Clay with a 10mm layer of Peat I then Added a bag of Black Gravel 25kg of 2mm (as a Ph buffer) and then a piece of plastic grid to stop any fish digging to deep and distirbing the peat. (this will also help me when planting so as I know how deep to push the roots in) I then added 3 x 25kg bags of Red gravel of 2mm and slowly filled the tank using a large plate upside down. (forgot to take a pic before adding water) While waiting for the water temp to stablise i wandered down to Boronia for some plants and a few cats, Albinos and a bristlenose or 6. I then added a ehilm 2117 from an established tank. I also added a new Top filter which I filled with ehilm polishing pads in a attempt to clear the fine sediment. I added some Val at the back and some cripts at the front, a couple of pots of hairgrass and a few small chain swords. The water has cleared up. when I first filled then tank you couldnt even see the val at the back! I have a large piece of driftwood that I have in the bathtub trying to get it waterlogged..... 5 days and the bugger still floats!!! Will keep posting Pics. Cheers
  10. Ok a Bitten the Bullet, its time to put all the theories in the grey matter into practice. I have just acquired the following Tank 6 x 18 x 18 (well I will tomorrow night). Stand to suit 2 x 300 watt heaters Hydor THEO brand 1 x Mozoo Top Filter (1000lph) 1 x 2400L powerhead 1 x 350L powerhead 1 x Digital Thermometer 2 ltrs Aqua star 2 x 250 watt metal Halides 1 x 10k 1 x 6.7k globes 2 x dual fluoro batten holders tri phos globes 1 x 12v power supply and 120mm fan to suit. 60kg 2mm gravel (chocolate colour mix) Now for the ferts/substrate I went and had a nice chat to the man at the Hydroponics store on chaple street. He recommended the following 1kg of BMX Trace Elements mix (exact formula I will post when I have the packaging) 1kg Potassium Nitrate (KNO4) 10 litres of Hydroton Expanded Clay which is a pebble type growing medium made from baked clay balls. (German Hydroton which is of extremely high quality). The balls are about 10mm in diameter. The Plan........ Ok set up the tank and check for leaks. Lay a piece of light diffuser on the bottom of the tank for some small amount of circulation. (I will place the ballasts for the MH under the tank and hopefully this will create a small convection current) I will then spread the clay balls evenly over the diffuser. I will then cover with a 30mm - 70mm layer of gravel sloped from front to back. I have 2 nice pieces of driftwood to use (placed using the aspect ratio of 1.6 off centre). Apparently this is the best spot as to not confuse the eye into trying yo find dead centre of the tank. Now Plants and a few off them. I really don't know what to do, I want a lawn of sorts, hair grass, glosso, ricca.... the list goes on, but which one is going to look the goods? I would like to enlist the help of the board what plants would you use? I have some java moss and some thin val at the moment but that's about it..... I am a plant Noob... I love the look of "Rotala macranda" and most of the red leaf plants. Help me please.... Fish are easy to pick for this tank....... Discus and tetras, and a few small sae and small cats. I will introduce the tetras and cats early in the piece but the discus are a few months off. I want to have the tank well and truly settled before they go in. Can anyone recommend anything else. I will add photos to this journal and update it regularly. Many thanks in advance Anthony
  11. He thinking the thin type of laytex.... Mind back on track now... thanks Craig
  12. If you sealed it complety..... Would it not be distored due to water pressure? the air would compress and then distort the shape of the design. My 2c
  13. agro77


    Congatulations nice colours on the parents
  14. agro77


    Yep, just treating with salt and Metafix..... Been a few days since I took the photos and he is already healing well. I dont think it was the O's ether... I think he did it on a rock. Anthony
  15. agro77


    Have started treating with salt and metafix..... The likely Offenders Will keep you updated with the poor silver dollars progress
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