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  1. Any fish you add would need to be fast swimming. I've kept Africans for many years and it can be hard to intro new fish to an established tank without casualties.
  2. Never keep a customer waiting for an hour, especially when you have told then 5 mintues

  3. Yogie

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  4. any pics? I'm just starting to stock a 6x2x2.5 and would love to see what all these fish look like together!
  5. haha i guess everything becomes shortened, nicknamed or abbreviated these days, especially if it's not to easy to say or remember... When you go to get money out do you say "I'm going to the atm" or "I'm going to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia's Automatic Teller Machine"... Not having a jab, just a different way of looking at it
  6. I use Hikari and NLS... no dramas.
  7. I'd say wait and see for a few days. I had a zebra that lost a lip locking contest and it looked like it had a dislocated jaw. It eventually healed itself. Just keep up the water changes. hope that helps.
  8. awesome! will have to check it out...thanks!
  9. Wow good looking fish. Any chance of a full tank shot?
  10. Yogie

    Tank Re-scaping

    hmm perspex is a good idea, how does it look up against the edges though? is it noticeable? it's 10mm glass.
  11. Yogie

    Tank Re-scaping

    Hi Guys, I'm about to re-do the aquascaping in my tank and I was thinking about going bare bottom. I was a bit worried about placing the lava rock directly onto the surface of the glass. Currently the rocks are sitting on sand. Any suggestions? Thanks, Johann
  12. it's just missing a Q at the end of the link...
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