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  1. Mmm I looking at selling my two breeding colonies.
  2. No worries thanks for that. There doesn't seem to be to many around ??
  3. Has anyone got an idea on price.
  4. What is a breeding colony worth these days. I can't find to much info on them. Cheers Marty
  5. nice stuff mark ill be over next week to have a look
  6. Ok what type and size of shell??
  7. Are there many people keeping discus on here,interested in what tanks are needed for breeding and grow out for 2 or 3 pairs??? Cheers Marty
  8. Hey all what does everyone breed there calvus and comps in shells?? What type??breeding caves?? Cheers Marty
  9. wack up a solar system!! i know someone that may be able to help with a small setup,but more $$$$
  10. there was surposed to be a you in there somewhere lol
  11. looks good mate,when are getting your tanks
  12. cool if ya need a hand let me know
  13. nice pics,the weather has been good up here. hows your fishroom plans going???
  14. black calvus,gold comps,discus. thats my top 3
  15. Has any one used this recipe for there Africans before Cheers Marty
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