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  1. Big T

    Advice on new build- 10x2x2

    Yes i do worry about access to the plumbing. I might have to get someone from Abyss Aquariums to visit and plan this thing right.
  2. Big T

    Advice on new build- 10x2x2

    I'm located in gregory hills. I've been to Abyss in Gregory Hills they gave me quote but i am looking for advice on the setup as i want to get it right the first time.
  3. Big T

    Advice on new build- 10x2x2

    I'm planning a new tank build, going to be 10ftx2x2 with 6ft sump, external coast to coast bean animal overflow with returns on left and right of back wall. This setup would be set in the main dinning area of our new house build, so a neat high quality and silent finish would be essential. It will be one the main features in the house. Also it would sit almost flush between two walls with only 17cm in total left from the 10ft mark. Pic attached of space. With the way it will sit I will have pretty much no access to plumbing in the back or the sides of tank. I plan to have the back and sides black ?painted ?vinyl ??recommendations. With the new house almost ready i am now looking at finalising the plans and ordering. Can anyone recommend great tank builders or stores. Any tips or advice for tank this big and anything i should keep in mind. Thank you.
  4. Big T

    New Aquarium Build

    Did this build end up finished?
  5. Big T

    Pinched belly Oscar

    Ok so I thought its about time i posted an uodate. I varied the food (10 different types) and fed heaps more with larger more frequent water changes (80% weekly). The oscar appeared to be eating what was put in the tank but not smashing it like the other one. Always plenty left over after the oscars lost interest, which the geos mopped up. No real significant change in belly. BUT i also the two oscars have been displaying what i can only describe as breedin/courting bahaviour. No nest or eggs as yet. As of today Big Red looks like this: Pic of selection of food used: Any thoughts or suggestions welcome.
  6. Big T

    Pinched belly Oscar

    I feed a mix of floating pellets hikari gold,sinking pellets nls thera A, sinking vegie disk and once a week I'll throw in some adult brine shrimp just to watch the whole tank go bananas. The albino red is the biggest but he is a big sook. Doesn't eat with as much gusto as the smaller oscar or geos. He is eating, just not what i would consider enough for a fish his size. I thought it may be a parasite or blockage but he poops normally??. He is not out competed for food though. Sometimes the food floats by and hits him in the face. I will try the advice provided as the current nls pellet is a touch small. So i might get bigger nls pellets and medium pellets for the geos and put it all in with large floating hikari pellet which the other oscar loves. Thanks for the advice
  7. Big T

    Pinched belly Oscar

    Apologies I have my fish anatomy mixed up. The albino oscar is the one affected. The other oscar is fat and round in the same area.
  8. Big T

    Pinched belly Oscar

    Hi, I have a mature oscar about 20cm who has a pinched concave belly between anal fin and tail. The oscar is eating and behaving normally and i can't notice any abnormal faeces. Fed with NLS and Hikari pellets. Other fish in the tank are normal fat and healthy. Any tips would be great.
  9. Big T

    Review my Sump layout.

    Thanks for the sound advice Mr L. Hell, it has been noted and taken on board. Looks like marine pure it is for the second chamber. I'll leave the first chamber as is with the filter sock and the plants i put in there because i was bored and wanted to see if a freshwater refugium style sump would have any effect on the water parameters. In theory it should help with nitrates and amonia.
  10. Big T

    Review my Sump layout.

    Planning to put red horse face or rio branco but to be honest I'm not quite sure which exact geophagus species i received as they are juvies. Was advertised as red horse face though. Fronts will be grown up to go into a monster display tank with geos in about 11 months. I understand the different species prefer different water conditions but I'm hoping to meet somewhere in the middle to keep all species happy. I do have some matrix left over from SW days so I will prob throw that in instead of bio balls. As for that first chamber... More matrix??? i have no idea hence i come to ask the fish gods for guidance.
  11. Big T

    Review my Sump layout.

    I was looking at marine pure balls/spheres might be better than bio balls for the second chamber.
  12. Big T

    Review my Sump layout.

    I have a sump that was originally setup for a marine tank. I've converted it to FW and have the sump setup with Filter sock->bio balls->crushed coral->return. I feel the first chamber is being underutilised but not sure what else to do with it if anything. The tank is 4x2x2 and will be used to grow out geophagus and fronts so there will be heavy feedings and high bioload. Let me know what you think.
  13. Big T

    Wet/Dry detritus traps?

    I have started using a filter sock on the outlet to the sump due to amount detritus that was building up in hard to reach palces despite having filter wool above the media. I find that I need to clean the filter sock about once per week depending on how heavy i was feeding. The sump has been significantly cleaner since incorporating the filter sock. I would ideally like to use both a pre filter sock and a trickle filter but the current sump setup means i can have either or not both.
  14. Big T

    Male Red Devil

    No, I’ve had him sine he was just 5cm. I got him from a friend. I don't really want to sell him, but he has to go unless I setup another large tank, which is highly unlikely.
  15. Big T

    Electric Blue

    Thanks for the info, much appreciated.