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  1. Gdays team Are these fish all banned from importation now? The market was full of them a few years back. I want to turn on my big tanks again but can't find any of the cool big fish. Have you guys seen them around? Cheers Barnesy
  2. Hello team Does anyone have a trick to putting on those cheap external plastic backgrounds onto the back of the tank? Sticky tape isnt really cutting it and Olive oil spray is a bit messy Any help is appreciated
  3. Thanks for the replies Does it make a difference that my WCMM are Golden WCMM? does it make them harder to breed? Ive taken them all out of the pond and put them into a standard 6 footer filled with weeds. lets see how they go now. Fingers crossed. I like these guys
  4. Looks awesome! It makes me miss my togas What plant is that and how is attached to the wood?
  5. Gday experts A buddy from work has asked me what fish he has here. It was sold to him as a Juvenile firemouth but it definately isnt a firemouth Any help would be great Thanks
  6. Dearest Plant experts I would like to stock my 3000ltr pond full of pond weed/reed so my baby sword tails/ White clouds have enough hidey spaces. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what i could put in that would grow unplanted? I used to use Elodia but it seems this is now a pest and not saleable. Does anyone have any elodia or anything else that you think would work. Im looking for a huge amount (say equivilent of filling a 4x2x2) Thankyou Barnesy
  7. G'day team. I've got a 3000ltr outdoor pond with about 15 white clouds and 200 sword tails. Plenty of hiding spaces in amongst the elodia, steady water temps etc but I don't seem to have any young clouds My swords are breeding like crazy. Do you think they would be eating the clouds eggs/young? Any suggestions?
  8. Gday Team I love the look of tanks that are higher than the standard. With that in mind im thinking about buying a 6x2x3h tank. Im assuming it would be rather more expensive than a 6x2x2 because of the glass thickness required to hold the pressure. Does anyone have ideas of where i should be looking to purchase a tank like this? Mahendra has been building most of my tanks and im happy with them so far. What do you guys think about going 3 feet high? what are your experiences with these high tanks? I also have no idea about sumps but would like to hook this baby up to one as i think it would be easier to maintain than my current canister filter setup. Any info would be Rad Thanks heaps
  9. Dear Plant Experts Does anyone know if Val will grow and shoot without being planted? I have a few bunches floating in my pond at the moment. Will i need to plant them in the substrate for them to grow? Thanks in advanced Mitch
  10. Ive done the same thing I kept my Tiger shovel nose seperated in his own 5x2x2 until i thought he was big enough to mix it with my Oscars. Nope! 18cm TSN straight in the 25cm Oscars mouth.
  11. Gday guys I would love some Salvinia for my Arrowana tank. Does anyone know how id go about getting some?
  12. Thanks for the help team the two have grown up together since they were both about 8 cms I love the GG and hes currently sitting alone in a 5x2x2. Im gonna add some other large fish to the tank to see if i can then re introduce him with less aggression (Or at least less focused aggression) Take a look at what i think is a battle wound from the GG
  13. Gday guys I currently have a 35cm Giant Gourami in a 6x2x2 with my 35cm Silver Arowana. Lately the GG has been harrasing the silver and now he has lost a couple of scales and is hiding under the driftwood. Obviously i want the Silver to be the show piece of my tank. how do I stop the aggression of the GG? does anyone use dither fish with these guys. if so what is recommended Cheers Barnesy
  14. Gday Team I took a couple of shots of my new set up the other day Let me know what you think please excuse the implants on the top there my baby GG Gibbs thanks to Tomi (PsyCro)
  15. Gday Team Im trying to get my hands on a Silver Arowana around 15cms but cant find any. Have I missed the season or something. any help would be great Im also looking for a saratoga Jardini for my other tank. are they still around? cheers Mitch
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