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  1. Very nice plant tank & yes it does look like its taken a great turn from 07 Thanx for sharing! Regards Ahmed
  2. These Jaguar's are amazing in apperance & stamina, boy they can cause some serious damage in other fish fast. Nice shots, the HTH is a devistating disease. Thanx for sharing! Regards Ahmed
  3. Sloany, I'm a softy for tangs & really love these type. Love the look of the tank all together. Thanx for sharing with us! Regards Ahmed
  4. Matt, lovely shots as usually & healthy looking specimens! Thanx for sharing! Regards Ahmed
  5. Congrats on the spawn, especially these little beauties! Lov'em! Regards Ahmed
  6. Fantastic shot! These fish always look as though they are smiling! Regards Ahmed
  7. Very nicely put together shots. Fantastic quality & precision work! Regards Ahmed
  8. Hi Chris In the 1st pic it does look like a Ruben Red, the 2nd pic is of a Leopard Spotted Snake Skin(LSSS or LSS) & the 3-4th pic is of a Blue Snake Skin(BSS or BSS). The reason why it was sold too you I would believe as a "blue turquoise leopard snakeskin" is because of the parents used to produce the sibblings. Which, as the BSS you have, 3-4th pics, would be from a Blue displaying-LSSxGT. GT- German Turquoise, which is a common one here in AU which some get mixed up with the Blue Dimond although is distinguishable with the Dosal & Anal fins & higher body, as you describe with the orange tinge around the outside, very eligant. When an lfs or breeder sells stock, they should tell their customers, what the parents of the fish are, as from generations to generation the line of breed can still be determined. You have good discus their no matter on the bigger size of eyes too the head, you can't get everything how you like it sometimes. The BSS is a beauty & displays the characteristics of the horizotal fine line. I myself have been breeding Discus for many years now, & have been a hobbyist for 27yrs. Regards Ahmed
  9. Rob, they are great with planted tanks although with your fish(Discus) I would get medium-larger BN as they will make mince of smaller ones as I myself breed discus & know all about this first hand. Regards Ahmed
  10. Place a WTB add in the classified, although I think you need a number of posts or be active for a while to use this. Sorry someone else may be able to help you more. Regards Ahmed
  11. I've got the Sera Master & API Master 5 in 1 as well as Aquasonic KH/GH test kit. All the ones I've used are good. The reason for the 2 kits, one was a present. Regards Ahmed
  12. Symphy

    New Fish Room

    Mike, fabulous looking setup, coming along very nice. Keep up the good work mate. Regards Ahmed
  13. You would get this problem after doing big w/c's, especially if water isn't pre-conditioned. If they persist scratching you may need to treat, although ones observations can counter problems like this by increasing temp slightly, & if necessary adding salt if not already done so for salt content that has been lost during the w/c. Med's should be a last general recommendation, unless, one is sure there is a problem. Regards Ahmed
  14. I just like to add a fair few words & add my over 20+yrs in the hobby. I'm not knocking anyone, just talking facts. For starters some ?'s we should think about, like, if it wasn't for LFS, where would the hobby be today? Where did you buy your 1st fish from? etc... I myself have seen the best of breeders go into an lfs to pick up fish. With knowledge comes awarness, with awarness comes knowledge, you learn from your mistakes as others do. I buy, where ever I feel fit, wether online or in the shops. You are, working, earning a living just like the people that try to make a living in retail. If something is not what you like you wouldn't buy it. Reality is IMOO, that with the big giants behind the real problem regarding price hikes aswell as greed or big margine profits, some retailers have no choice but only too bolster prices. So take a thought on those lines & come back to reality & 1 including myself should not always think of themselves, & take a moment & think of others. Help others as You, Yourself, would like too be helped. Life is for living for all, as we are all equal in 1 sense or another. I just wanted to get this of my chest after reading through this thread. Sorry in advance for anyone whom may have offence. I'm not an owner or have affiliation with any lfs. I'm just another practicing hobbyist who prizes quality of life in the one hand & reality in the other. Regards Ahmed
  15. It is a little hard to tell at that age, unless 1 has seen the parents! Link2Hell wrote: Very nice short article! Regards Ahmed
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