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  1. rols

    IMG 0263

    Damn...all my festae look like they are out of a spaghetti western!
  2. rols

    IMG 0258

    Them theres eggs on that rock
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  4. rols

    Sydney water

    Appreciate your feedback...when you say the water is hard...do you refer to PH being too alkaline or carbonate hardness? The PH is pretty stable as I always have it about neutral maybe slightly blue.......and have bred basically all the americans successfully...
  5. rols

    Sydney water

    Hey guys, For some reason over the last couple of months my american fry have not been hatching...about 20 batches have not hatched...has anyone experienced the same stuff? Got a feeling that due to so much wet weather Sydney water have been dosing our supply up and its affecting the eggs....when I get the few that maybe do hatch they are weak as anything. Its not the tank as I have a few tanks with many breeding pairs...any clues?
  6. Because they are hard to get...and hard to breed.....and are susceptible to disease once they get a bit bigger so must be kept in very clean water. I have breed several hundred of them and keep a fair few..will have a few available in a few months as I have a spawn just hatched a week or so ago.
  7. The ueropthalmus ( not sure if spelt correctly)is known commonly as a false red terror. I have both species. I Breed the red terrors but I only have a male Ueropthalmus and if I could find a female would be very happy. They are not as big as red terrors or as colorful but are very sturdy looking fish.
  8. rols

    Americans for a 6x2x2, help needed.

    I have over 150 Americans in several tanks plus a few thousand babies. Of those 150 probably 80 are big stuff like Red Terrors....Boccourti....Synspillum Black belts Red Devils Jags and Dovii.....even a couple of Buttokoferri.....I find that its better to have a tank that is a bit on the crowded side as it spreads the aggression ...I rarely ever lose a fish and I have about 50-60 huge fish in an 8x.2.5 x2.....Water quality is important though....the FX5 will do the job but will require regular cleaning...as far as furniture goes I go with this theory....you either have nothing...or plenty of caves for the more feisty ones to occupy...Dont have 1 or 2 caves.... Also I would probably recommend you go with Medium size Americans in the tank...the theory in keeping them is the same its just that they dont get as big....and in a 6x2x2......you will have your work cut out a bit more.....I keep about 40 fish in my 6x2x2......some are large but those are hand picked with a good temperament....I keep Salvini....Green terror...Jack Dempsey..Texas....Parrot Cichlids....Medium Size Festae....( good temperament) Boccourti.......Trimacs ( medium size but will grow and when they do its off to the big tank)....Oscars....Braziliensis... Also I would avoid buying large fish unless you knew some history...Some Red Devils have lived in a tank where they destroyed other inhabitants because they were no match and are not properly socialised then the owners want to get rid of them to an aquarium and when you come along and buy it and stick it with other fish they destroy them......its like anything....you buy a dog and get it use to other dogs and people when its a pup...and you will have a "community dog"....you bring it up on its own keep it in the dark and dont socialise it..you have a savage guard dog...you are better served therefore to buy younger fish....and have plenty in the tank.....Get it right and the Americans are awesome....good luck
  9. Hi, can anyone advise how I can transport fish from Sydney to Adelaide and/or Tasmania? Are there any freight companies that do it? I have some Red Terrors and Salvini that some people want to get shipped...
  10. Hi All, I have never shipped live fish interstate...can anyone recommend a carrier? This guys is real keen to get some Red terrors off me...
  11. rols

    Big male venustus sick

    If you can get your hands on some Metronidazole ( someone on some Forum was selling some tablets) and either inject( Syringe) it into his mouth or put a coat on his ulcer or sore it may help......I had similar problem with a festae...........he had a huge hole in his side about 6 weeks ago.....now he is proud father of about 300 fry! Melafix helps keep bacteria off the sore....but wont get rid of it..
  12. rols

    Bay Snook

    Hey mate, Awesome fish..........I keep big americans..........actually also small Americans.........and come to think of it again Africans too............ Love the temperament of the splendida......robust fish.........and dont take any rubbish....will not shy away from a Red Devi or anything too boisterousl and are not aggressive unless picked on. You should see the Red ones....look great and would love to get my hands on some.........I have big 40 cm male( not red) and if I see decent female for right price will breed them.
  13. rols

    Help...need tank repairman!

    Hi there, Help I have a dilema..........an 8 x2.5 x 2 dliemma where 2 of the 3 braces on the top of the tank have come away......the tank has not split and is not bulging...I have left about 25% water in it and I need someone who can come out fast to rebrace the tank....... Have tried the shop I purchased it from but they are too busy.........I tried a couple of aquariums and they are not really interested...does anyone out there know someone who will come out to repair a fish tank?? I am in a real spot........I am about to carefully approach the tank now..as I think it is safe.......its about 5-6years old
  14. rols

    MY sals are dying.

    Hello out there, I have a garage full of Americans.....I breed a fair few types of fish.....Rivo....Jags...Synspillum...red devil...Brazzies....Salvini.....Black belts...... ANywayI have been losing all my sals in the garage....( the ones in the house are fine) but all my babies and young ones I have kept in garage for breeding are dying.......I have one huge sump that runs many tanks......everything else is fine....it is only the Sals that are dying..they are in different tanks( all the same water though as its one sump)....and there are no scars or bites...they look in perfect condition one day and dead the next!!!!!...Wondering perhaps are they very delicate to temp changes at night maybe..more so than usual???..I mean at night it might get down to 25deg.....when in the day its closer to 29.....??but its always within range and the change is not too sudden???? Its got me st----d !Has anyone experienced this with sals???....I have lost like 150 odd fish in the space of 2 mths all about 5-7 cm...and a couple that were about 10 cm.... not water quality...my water is crystal clear and the properties are excellent....the rivos...and all the other stuff I have breeding like anything....in fact the sals were mating up and protecting a pot...2 days later...both dead.....no injuries...and they were the dominant fish in that tank....?????Help?
  15. rols

    Rack setup

    I think 30cm may be a little bit hard if you have to do some cleaning and run cords and stuff underneath. I think the space b/w the system and the wall and between each shelf are a bit more important. I made a mistake of not making enough room so had to take all my tanks down. Sorry- I meant from bottom tank to floor. Does the top of the water level of the sump have to be below the bottom of the lowest lying tank? Nope...as long as the outflow from the bottom tank is ABOVE the water level of the sump you should be right...this isnt an issue with tanks drilled in the side or back but would be an issue with tanks drilled in the bottom. On some of my racks the tanks are only 10 cm from the floor but the water outlfow is above the water level of the sump sitting on the ground...the bottom tanks get planty of water. Water going into the tanks has more to do with the pump you use. Mike You were taking about racking...... I have about 20 odd tanks......2x 6 ftsx2 x2.... 4 x4ftx2x2. 2x3ftx3ft square and a multitude of 2fts and stuff for hatching eggs.....I have it all on pallet racking which the shelves are not only adjustable in height but you can cut them down to the width you want..not the length as the beams are 2.7 mtr long........but its an awesome flexible system easy to change if you add different tanks and can configure it all differently.....if you are interested....I have heaps of spare racking....will do a good deal for you...0423808870