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  1. Problems with cloudy water!

    I have the same problem aswell, I noticed it go cloudy 2 days ago.
  2. Alligator gars

    how big do they grow on average?
  3. Cleaning Ainside Glass

    any opinions on the best method to clean the inside glass of a aquarium without scratching it? I've used magnets and sponges before but I always managed to scratch the tank. cheers luke
  4. archer fsh tankbusters?

    are these fish tank buster material? I 'm thinking of getting a couple for my 4x2x2, but don't want them to out grow the tank. does anybody know how big they usually grow? cheers
  5. pictus cats breeeding?

    one of the cats is about 8cm and on the thin side the other is about 10-11cm and is noticable larger. behavior: whenever the smaller of the 2 goes near the lager cat, the larger cat kinda starts shaking it's tail and they seem to dance around each other, but then the smaller cat returns to its pipe. also i have them in with about 12 other cichlids and as soon as they start the above process the larger cichlids dart over and break them up, causing the smaller cat back to its pipe. i will try and get some video or pics of them.
  6. pictus cats breeeding?

    has anybody breed pictus cats or know of anybody who has? my pair are acting very strange around each other.