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  1. I've kept a black lancer for a few years and have found that as long as you keep their water at around netural, the temprature stable and feed them good quality foods they are a great fish. Although timid during the day they appear to be much more active at night, altough I haven't read anything indicating that they are nocturnal my specimen definitley is. PS: When I first introduced mine to its new tank it was particularly timid, give them about a month to adjust and they will be fine.
  2. Im not sure how well or if at all this works with fluvals, with my eheim's I find if theres still some air in there after priming and its creating a noise, quickly switching the filter on and off seems to clear the air out and stop the noise it creates.
  3. PFKA

    To much filtering?

    On my standard 4ft tank I run an eheim 2215 = 620 lph + Aquaclear 300 = 1140lph and a Marineland Penguin 110 = 418lph, thats a total of around 2000lph, My fish have no problems because of the current created and it also means I rarley have to clean the substrate and the water is easy to keep crystal clear another advantage is that you have to clean the filters less often.
  4. PFKA

    fin growth

    Also I dont think its a good idea keep a small saratoga or even a larger one with convicts as they are quite agressive and will probably end up killing him either oughtright or by stress.
  5. PFKA

    fin growth

    When a fish is still growing IMO unless fins have been bitten right off they tend to grow back pretty well if not completley. BTW where did you end up getting it from?
  6. their number is 9572 6601
  7. Im an advocate of the "old flusheroo"
  8. forgot to add, ther around 5-7 cm if i rember correctly.
  9. Dulwich Hill aquarium have some, 2 jardinis and a leichartii (sp) I think he wants around $80 for them.
  10. nice, where did you get that background?
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