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  1. Used to do something similar years ago, no lids just a piece of under gravel plate or those round godlfish bowl style ones then cover with gravel worked a treat..
  2. Good selection of fish, they all look good
  3. Awesome specimens good pics of them
  4. Sounds great look forward to seeing some of the species articles, and which ones come up more.
  5. Agree with the above usually angled towards the main light source.
  6. Not a Cichlid but a Mangrove Jack or Sooty / Coal Grunters can be aggressive enough not that ive tried them against Cichlids to see who would be the most dominant
  7. If they are still eating you can separate the affected fish into a quarantine tank and try using foods mixed with Garlic and Epsom salts Not always successful though.
  8. Supply and demand i would assume is the reason, but the cost of acrylic here is way over the top Can remember a few years ago cost me over $300 for acrylic pre cut to make a tank smaller than a standard 2' and that was before it was assembled, that was through a tank builder in SA not sure what he paid for the acrylic though.
  9. Josh from what i can understand,it should be better as there is supposed to be less fillers
  10. Good info there Mike. Like the elliotti's most deformity in those, most people seem to think it is diet / vitamin related as baby's
  11. Quite possibly could be Bloodworm as they are a type of mozzie larvae anyway,
  12. Marron do not fair well in warm water either, all depends on the temp, but i have had some that just love goldfish, Yabbies can be hit n miss some do ok some don't. IMO
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