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  1. Evening Noddy. Do you have any furcifers for sale?



  2. Evening Rastinger. Do you have any Furcifer fry available please?


  3. Hi T4M,. Have been speaking with Glenn in Tassie and said you have some feathers, Particularly Kabogo Copper. Do you have any for sale please?

    Many thanks,



    1. tangs4me


      not at the moment will let you know cheers

  4. Hi Corey. Chasing some Furcifers or Foai please? Did have a breeding colony of magara dark and a power loss during the day put a big nail in them

    Many thanks,


  5. Thanks for the replies guys I'll look into the gas heating. I know last year they could only fill the tank on certain tides but I haven't seen the setup so I don't actually know yet
  6. Hi guys, My fishing club runs around a 3000 litre live fish tank at a fishing event. I'm just wondering on the options to heat it they really only need to keep the temperature at around 20 degrees and only for a couple of days. any input would be much appreciated Thanks Tim
  7. Yeah I've been thinking the same thing if I knew what they looked like I might buy some. Mtondwe is very close to mbita so I wouldn't be surprised if they are similar or even the same morph as the mbita which I believe has a foai "yellow chin" variant and a furcifer variant which has a predominantly yellow head and blue/green body in the picture I have. But then again the tropheus from the two locations look completely different from each other So who knows. Thats another thing I have noticed with Bay Fish they don't often have the updated foai/furcifer status on their featherfins. I think if bay still has them on their list when I get the tanks for my room(hopefully less than 1 month) I'll get some and just see how they turn out
  8. zexen

    Nitrate test

    I like all the seachem gear, bit exspensive sometimes but I've haven't been able to fault quality in any of their products
  9. Thanks mate, the sand just comes from my lfs which is owned by one of my best mates so I could ask where he orders it from if you like. Fishtraderlau told me what island/beach they get it from but I can't remember the name so you could ask him if you like.
  10. Gee that's not the most encouraging news Ben. Were the ones you tried to import wild or tank rased? Airfish has tank rased ones at the moment which I thought might have a better chance of survival. Anyway I'm going to try some when I get the room finished so hopefully I can get some healthily into the country. Thanks for the heads up too Ben.
  11. Yes I agree Ben I was keeping them on their own until I moved house and he was fully coloured most of the time, the tropheus and bristlenose have only been in with them since just before I moved. Also there isn't a light on the tank, the room light is only on in 1 or 2 of those photos and in the rest there is no light it's just how much light the flash lets off (don't know if I can change it, can change timing definately) the room was actually pretty dark for most of the photos and I find the fish looks his best when there is only a bit of light coming in from the window. I have about a dozen fry from before I moved and I think I'll get a mouthful within a week which I am going to keep and once I've got enough I think I will try and get a few imported males and give them an 8ft. to themselves with just some cyps.
  12. no it's not the tropheus, they didn't move well I lost a female and the male lost all his fin extensions and had fin rot for a while I didn't know if I'd get them to breed again but looks like they will. the tank is about 4.5x2x2 and they had to go in with the tropheus because I'm setting up my new fish room in the garage but I only have one setup running in there at the moment and it's full.
  13. Hi all just thought I'd share some pics of my copper foai, the dominant male has finally coloured back up after moving. excuse the dirty tank (and lack of skill) I've been really busy, I'll try and take some better ones when I get time. getting ready to spawn I hope
  14. Hi all just thought I'd see if anyone else has had similar experiences, I've just moved house so my foai mgara have come out of an 8ft tank that they only shared with a few cyps. They are now jammed in a 6ft. with a colony of about 12 ventralis with about 15 of their fry 2 big calvus and a big comp and a colony of 13 duboisi and half a dozen adult cuckoo catfish, with no sand and only the gravel i missed with the dustpan until I set the 8ft back up. They've only been in there for a week and They have just bred!!!, for the first time since a couple of months ago!!! I just find this quite astonishing and amusing and also slightly frustrating. Just goes to show you can never truly tell what will trigger your fish to breed. Cheers Tim
  15. Awesome pics mate, I wish I could get mine to look that clear. what sort of lighting did you have on when you took these?
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