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  1. Stuart74

    Need an ID please.

    1. Peacock X E blue or similar hap 2. Lions cove afra but with the reddish yellow through the fish i'd say possible X with a rusty 3. anyone's guess
  2. You won't find anything due to the fish being a Hybrid and in no way shape or form is it a true Aulonocara Sp. I have never heard of them being called firefish though they have been circulating throughout the hobby under the trade name of "Dragon bloods" The most common problem with that particular hybrid is its tendency to remain stunted in its growth. Nice looking Lions cove though
  3. You will find that its more than likely a dislocated Jaw I have seen it a number of times with females after they hold, Sometimes it seems to fix itself and other times it never goes back
  4. I have another name for them but I will save the Mods the trouble of editing my post and say nothing
  5. Nice Got any Pic's during construction, What did you use to build it Etc,Etc
  6. Kyle, I would suggest you make up some sort of divider a sheet of clear perspex with a heap of holes drilled into it is a quick and easy way. Otherwise if you have a floating fry saver big enough to float him in in the same tank that also helps. What size tank have you got them in and what's the ground cover like A fish that size needs a large tank to patrol and the females will need plenty of cover to get away from his "horney and wants to offload" problem
  7. Anyone wanting the link to where I found the traps online should Google "Sera snail trap"
  8. a 6ft span between uprights, that can only end with I would rebuild your stand as others have suggested otherwise you could end up with a massive clean up
  9. I ordered 2 from an online shop on Sunday and they arrived today Hopefully they work as good for me as they did for you Dusty I will post Pics with my results
  10. Matt, Google the name They are not white knights
  11. That looks quite impressive (Says me who just spent the better part of the day while doing water changes removing fistfuls of snails by hand ) Runs off to find out where they are available
  12. I thought you might have meant NSW The main reason I raised that point was Location will play some part in deciding what Insulation will work the best Down here in sunny Vic im guessing we would have to have slightly thicker insulation than you guys further up north from us BTW Just for the record I used the DIY spray insulation and it works a treat WEBSITE LINK Very easy product to use once you get everything up to the right temps and after seeing what Styro can do to your shed when you start cutting into sheets the best thing I found was once you remove the drop sheet from the floor there is NO MESS
  13. Stuart74


    With your current spray bar I would place it around 10-15cm under the waters surface and aim it towards the surface that creates a wave/ripple affect at the waters surface which in turn eventually will create a wave/ripple effect on the bottom of the tank which should help with shifting your fish waste. In saying that it wouldn't hurt to have another filter on that size tank anyway HTH
  14. Where you are is going to make a difference, I have lived in Vic all my life and never heard of "blacktown, Vic" as your Profile states Whirly birds make a huge difference in the removal of hot air in a roof space but totally useless for what you require as you need to maintain a certain temp not just remove hot air. I would be looking at making a small separate room inside your shed and insulate that. As for what insulation............ its like asking how long is a piece of string You need to work out your options that suit your budget and requirements Batts, Cool room paneling, Poly sheets, Spray insulation, are all methods I have seen used and all seem to do the job. It all boils down to working out what suits your area and skills the best HTH
  15. Wrap insulation tape around each joint until you find out which joint is leaking or Shut down the system, fill the line with water and pressurise it or shut down the system and pressurise the line with air, spray water over the joints and wait for the air bubbles
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