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  1. G'Day Andy, How you liking Adelaide? I wish I could offer you some help/advice but i've been fishless for a number of years now also. I randomly got the itch in the last week but with my other hobby (Racing RC Cars) it just isn't possible. I'd agree with Benno though, the LFS's have fallen off the face of the earth and Aggies is the only shop i'd go too. Ant
  2. Good to hear from you Benno! Still playing cricket? i found the texas by fluke. Just at my Local LFS. THere were some shockers in the tank. I chose one of the medium size ones that had the best colour.
  3. Cheers, not photoshopped either. Yes back at work this week. My 10th year of teaching this year. Getting old!
  4. I ended up getting a Super Green Texas Cichlid. I could'nt resist considering I'm a big crows fan...lol (Taylor 'Tex' Walker for all those who have no idea what i'm on about). Tex is an awesome fish, never had a fish grow so fast. These fish have some serious colour for an American Cichlid. Will post a pic when I can . Ant PS: Sad I know! My 11 month old has a toy dog weve called Rex Walker.
  5. I halved the water level, new filter arrived today. Chocolate cichlid might be a good option..cheers. Ant
  6. I was comparing the markings and faded coloration to other pics of trimacs but I guess trimacs are often iffy. My other thaught was a faded out flowerhorn.
  7. Looks to me like a Trimac (Amphilophus Trimaculatus). Ant
  8. Just reviving this. Unfotunately all I had done recenly is scoop out a few beaten fish . Ant
  9. Hi again all. I've clearly not been active in a while but I've maintained a colony of both O.Lithobates and Ps. Elongatus 'Mphanga' for a few years. I've sold several fry of both and all were growing and thriving. Until the other day that is! I had an old Aquaone canister that despite the change of many orings I finally decided I needed to stop chasing the leaks. As a result I lowered the water level in my aquarium to allow my other smaller fluval to do the work until I get a replacement. This was a bad Idea. Previously the fish were living in harmony. Unfortunately what I'd done was bring the Lithobates down to the Zebras level. As you could guess, despite the size difference the Zebras won that fight . I think as long as we keep fish in man made environments we will continue to find new ways to stuff things up. This is probably something I should have foreseen but I honestly thought that the larger lithobates could hold there own. It only took the Zebras one night! I still have my PS.Elongatus and one lone female Lithobate that seems to evade any attention. However, I think it's time for another small change. I'm considering moving on my Elongatus and getting either a pair or an individual larger fish. Something hardy with personality, around the size of the H.Sevrus species. What would you get? Ant
  10. Spent a while cleaning. New skylight = too much algae. Time to move the tank I think.
  11. Got convicts, got breeders! Good stuff. Don't be surprised if they have already spawned!
  12. Sorry about late reply. It is by the roller door and not well protected from heat. Have been breeding bn and raising both O.Lithobate and Ps. Elongatas in it for a couple of years with no major problems. Only issue was with the N.brichardi. I'm finding that these Malawi fry are pretty tolerant of hight temperatures, even in extended hot periods, as are the BN. It's not ideal but it has worked for me for a while. Ant Any
  13. So no one spent any significant time in there hobby this weekend?
  14. Ps. Lombardoi were the most prolific biters I've had. N.brichardi a close second. I also had a red devil that used to have a go. Was funny when he was little, not so when he got big.
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