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  1. Male geo braz are generally larger. They have pointed dorsal and anal fins. Buying just two fish, you have a less chance of getting a male and female. Ideally with a fish like this, you should buy 6 or so young fish, and they will pair up once they hit about 12cm. They are easy to breed, maybe get a couple more and give them some time.
  2. discusdude

    Some canister information

    Generally if your water is turning over 5 times per hour you will be fine. So that size filter should be enough. Cheers.
  3. discusdude

    Some canister information

    "Stage 2, 3" ect would most likely relate to the number of filter trays within the filter. As you go up in model size, the number of space in the filter, and thus trays increases. Alternatively it may relate to chemical, biological and mechanical filtration. As long as there is a a sponge in there, with either carbon or ceramic noodles, you will be fine! Cheers.
  4. discusdude

    Volcanic rock for filtration

    Hi, Yeah I picked up a 30 or so kg bag of scoria from a sand and soil supply place. Cost me $5 and yeah it works fine in my trickle filters. Takes a while to clean the dust out of it though, but def worth it for the price. Cheers.
  5. discusdude

    What is a cichlid?

    Good topic, Biologically, colour and size are two of the most unimportant factors in classification!
  6. discusdude

    Overflow boxes

    Starting the sipon is a real annoyance, its the weakest part of the system, imo. The reason i say this is because if the siphon stops your in a bit of trouble. I get a 90 degree air hose joining peice, and then drill a hole into one of the 25mm PVC elbows that make up the siphon tube. The hole is just big enough for the 90 degree air line connector to fit into, also i make a grove so that the elbow sits in pretty tight, then place silcon airhose on the end of the elbow thats not inside the pvc. Then put a lot of silicon around it, and on the end of the airhose put a valve. You can suck through the airhose to start the siphon, then turn the valve to shut the air off, and the siphon will continue. Rather than the elbow, i would try maybe irragation equipment, it should b much better. Also instead is putting a shut off valve on the end of the air hose you can slip it down into the 50mm pipe, which will be filled with water. Its all pretty easy to do, and the siphon will stay if the power goes of.
  7. discusdude

    Overflow boxes

    My addvice would be use ALL PVC. Buy 50mm pvc tubing, cut out 1 small peice, put an end cap on, the above the end cap add a T peice. The top of the T peice is where the PVC will go in, and the other part of the T, you can use reductor peices of PVC to make the 50mm go down to 25mm. Once that is done, simply make a 25mm siphon tube, and from the 25mm section of the T peice, have PVC running down into the sump. Here is a terrible illustration:
  8. discusdude

    Breeding Red Humps

    You can strip her and put the eggs in a tumbler, or seperate her. I would go for seperation, because then you get to watch her raise the fry. Also she should hold for around 8 days.
  9. discusdude

    Hole size for a 2 foot tanks

    Hey, In regards to the above posts, the tanks are 2x18x18. Realistically is there ever going to be a need for 50mm holes? Unless you are planning on having more than 5000lph pumping through the tanks?
  10. discusdude

    Fishy places in Singapore

    Hey, Try Singapore yellow pages and do a search for aquariums. Also you could do a post at Pleco Fanatics, it has many singaporian members. Cheers Alistair
  11. discusdude

    Hole size for a 2 foot tanks

    I would go for 25mm. I have a 25mm drilled in my 6*2*2 ft tank. The sump pump i have is rated at 4000 LPH. I have no problems, 25mm is heaps. 50mm is a pretty massive hole, 25mm bulkheads and PVC pipe is cheaper.
  12. discusdude

    this week is the week

    Hi, They are around 14cm. They grow extremely fast, i bought them only a few months ago at 4cm. I feed mine frozen blood worm, beef heart and hikari pellets. They absolutely love white bait. I buy it from the seafood store, and when i drop the white bait in, they go crazy! Cheers Alistair
  13. discusdude

    Fish fight

    Here is a pic i snapped of my Copora nicaraguensis and Nandopsis trochelli getting a bit narky with each other! Tank size is 6*2*2. Cheers Alistair
  14. discusdude

    this week is the week

    Haha, the last thing i need is more males! Here is one of them. And another. Cheers Alistair
  15. discusdude

    this week is the week

    Awesome fish, definatly worth the time and effort. I currently have 5. My advice would be, if you get yourself a few females, keep them! Out of my 5 i have 4 definite males Good job btw Cheers Alistair