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  1. I'd tie up some Java Fern around your wood (or smaller pieces and place them) and maybe some Anubias maybe behind the rocks to help add depth or dimension and also colour contrast to the tank.
  2. For me.. and only my opinion... in a 2 foot cube you are fairly limited. You have layers. An upper and lower. The upper is an issue, as upper can become lower in a small Tanganyikan tank. A 2 foot cube is a tiny tank. I had a 2ft cube years ago that was a multifasciatus tank. The bottom was active but they were pretty aggressive even for a small fish. The top was inactive but I couldn't see an active tank mate in such a small environment. You could introduce other lamprologus species but you'd be inviting open warfare. If I had a cube now I'd probably do one of 2 things (actually the 3rd thing is what I'd do) First a Multi tank alone. second (if you had the height) would be a pair of Lamprologus ocellatus for the bottom and maybe a couple of Cyps or leptos, even though I think they deserve more space. To me perfectly honest if I had a cube again...I'd plant it out and fit it out with some flashy neons etc
  3. lights....I don't know why these things are so fickle..random quality and so expensive !!
  4. For me Oxygen is the biggest issue in transporting fish. If you are traveling an hour then just bag them or bucket them and you'll have no issues. And Like Link says, a couple of drops of prime won't hurt.
  5. I bought 4 makemyled lights, 3 full spectrum planted and a 10k along with light controllers, stands etc. Did 3 planted spectrum for my top tank (which was planted)and the bottom tank which had Tanganyikan's ended up with the 10k. His new stuff may be ok (dont know) but his older stuff is garbage. I got little customer support because it was a couple of years of use. I get it...it was outside 12 months of use (so I was told as well as being told that the drivers he was using at the time were faulty/unreliable). Would I blow quite a sizeable sum of money on these lights again...well no. Its not often I feel I was ripped but this wasn't one product failure, but 4 all in short succession by MMLED. Each section of every light failed in the end. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJF0TO_Vvko
  6. Anything that gets included onto the import list is only good for the hobby. Its up to the hobby and enthusiast to import from the correct importer. Countries don't matter, they can be as bad as each other. Electric Yellows regardless of how line bred they have been can always do with a new blood line. I personally dont think there has been a legit yellow in australia for a long time. I understand that people have spent alot of time and effort in maintaining and line breeding as best they can and its taken alot of effort. But with this rule change there is a legit chance and not even.... chance. There is a legit avenue to directly import yellows into Australia direct from Africa.
  7. Listen, im not having a shot at you guys personally but this is so fail and lazy it beggers belief. Everything from a community takes effort. I recently got in touch with someone because I noticed that Dave (yew) had let his domain (and web site expire). I saw this as an opportunity to reclaim a name and old respect that should never have been lost. A chance of reclaiming an identity and refocusing back to a state focused forum (pretty exciting I thought). I even offered to buy sydneycichlid.com and 5 years of hosting on whoever the admin is at the times behalf. ACE was never going to become a central forum or hub for all states, even though people like myself in WA will happily call this forum home. It lost its direction. It was a mis-guided attempt at pushing a popular forum at the time past its natural boundaries. There is so much wrong atm that it needs to be gutted completely and have a fresh start. I mean I had a look at the admins. Half have been awol for years....the other quarter are listed as past mods and 2 or 3 regulars. There are useless sticky posts that are redundant. Rules and regulations dating back to lungy terrorizing the forums without realizing that the software is so much easier to admin now. Dont even get me started on that ACE logo...I cant even read it. Broken articles. Anyway without getting into a rant, the same suggestion was offered up about facebook to me, basically suggesting that its too hard (to compete)...so really I cant be bothered coming back here myself atm n(often). Whats the point when even the admin, mods etc think that facebook is the place to be. I mean I'm even looking at my post page here and its allowing me to upload files of half a GIGABYTE... I mean Ged really should have retired his admin status to Link before he decided to abandon ship!!
  8. Two Rocks is in the boonies...barely a WA society and only just a (civil) coastal community to most locals Buccal is the exception I've been to 2 rocks and checked on the internet. There were 2 rocks, though they did have 2 spare, a couple of natives and of course Buccal...other than Buccal the rocks were the highlight!!
  9. For me it looks like a male multifasciatus as well !!
  10. The gold one looks to be a Altolamprologus compressicep. Similar shape to a calvus but they grow a little larger (thicker of body) and the nose is shorter and steeper than the longer nose you get on calvus.
  11. For me, I like to run my display tanks under stocked or medium stocked. Some people are different and like crazy hypo over stocked tanks. Each to their own and really the filtration is what guides your tank load. You obviously have good filtration to support big fish so its really up to you what you would like to press your filtration (load) too. You will need to remember that the harder you push your filtration the more often you will need to be doing water changes. Its definitely a nice sized 6 footer and can certainly cater to 10 frontosa. If you are adding 5 more adult fish, I would be spending a week or 2 doing lighter feeding until your filtration catches up with the new (bio) load. Also if you plan on breeding your fish then you should really consider removing that yellow calvus. Years ago there was a breeder that had comps and calvus together (in perth) that shipped fish to Aquarium Industries (wholesaler) and freighted what I considered to be hybrids throughout Australia. I wouldn't trust something called a yellow calvus myself personally.
  12. yeah I'm really glad you talked me into those lids back in that old topic a while back....one of the best things I've done recently with my tanks...always appreciate great advice I'll check that decking out for sure...hopefully will update later this week (with pics)
  13. yeah I agree, the 8 footer definitely needs some attention now. I might pop down to bunnings this week and check out some of their choices of decking. Will be a 15 minute job thanks to those lids (a couple of nice clean cuts and screwed on with those brackets)!! Other than that, I think all I need is one of those outdoor storage box's so I can pop the canister filters in. I'll just cut the required plumbing holes and that should really tidy up the room
  14. Did a bit of a tidy up on my 5 footers today. These 5 foot makemyled lights were shining across the room and reflecting off my TV at night and I finally had enough and thought I'd do something about it. This is my before shot.. and the after Basically made a curtain for the bottom and middle section. You now cant see the lids, lights etc and also made a 3 piece timber surround for the top. I didn't have any timber kicking around but I did have half a dozen 6 foot garden stakes. I glued and screwed them together, belt sanded them down and cut them into sectionals I've converted my tank lids over to twinwall polycarbonate and other than its exceptional insulating properties the thing I love about it is you can cut sections to suit plumbing perfectly. You mark it out, trim it and you have perfect lid fittings but also for my timber surround I just screwed the timber directly to the lids. You can see that the center lifts for feeding All up, fairly happy for a cheap solution to my glare issue
  15. Hi Harry...its a great combination of fish but you have alot of fish competing for the bottom of the tank. Are you considering breeding or just display? If it is display and your filtration is ok then I'd consider looking at some mid water or top water fish to fill out the tank a little. You can never go past something like Dimidiochromis compressicep for example for a mid to top water tankmate. If you are not breeding then sexes shouldn't matter too much. With many African cichlids you will get one dominant fish (that colours up), one sub dominant and any other males tend to hide in with the girls. I would be careful about adding in all those fish in one hit as it may very well send your filtration into an ammonia (cycling) spike. You need to be mindful of sudden excess load on your filters. If you are considering breeding then normally I would advise a 2 species tank. One for the lower level, rock dwelling variety and having an open water fish that prefers the top level. You should also try to include fish patterning into your equation if breeding. For example putting a striped fish with a spotted fish etc. edit - it reduces the chances of cross breeding
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