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    hey leg-it how big is the tank the geos are in? thanks gus
  2. thanks daug, i have tried taking about half of the severums and keeping the oteher half with the parents, what i noticed that the pair are always at each other atleast the male is then what happens he chasing her around the tank and the small fry are then not to be seen, i know the male is a bit aggressve, doug, any comments
  3. hi all, i have a beautiful breeding pair 500 -1000 eggs everytime, i manage to keep about 100 to survive anybody have any other techniques which has a better result, like a good fry safer which can keep the water clean or a system which is better, i would like to hear from you, i culture white worms and bbs as well. thanks gus
  4. should be fine if you use thick enough wood or pull your rack apart and make it wider by moving the side braces (if possible) my pallet racking already has a tanks on the bottom it would be hard, what about i put some 3x2 horozontaly and then put the tank on that, what do u think will it work, they are good tanks for large fish thanks gus
  5. hi all, i have pallet racking to measure a 6x2x2 but my tank is 6x2.5wx2 high, can anybody tell me whether this will work and the tank wont crack or something, any ideas will be appreciated.. also what if i lay some timber exteded extra across the racking to take the extra 6 inches overhang cheers gus
  6. hi chris, they have been with me for over 2.5 years, somehow i put in pellets and sometime algae wafers and they are gone, but when i put in a zuchinni or leb cucumber they dont touch it, the temp about 25-27, ph around 7 they nibbled at the zucchini and i had to after a day put it in a orange spot tank and its gone. any suggestions chris, also i have a pair of green severums they a a vertical slate, under a constant flow of low pressure water they laid rtheir eggs on them hundreds of them but in 2 days time they were all gone, i noticed fungas there, and decided to keep it in the same tank to see what would happen, eggs gone then they started laying their eggs on a 10 inch inverted ceramic pot and the same thing happened again. i thought they needed some more experience. but i am getting very anxious i would like to pull out the slayte and put it in another tank with the same water with meth blue will it work, i have tried it before with no luck, i desperately wantr to try to breed these guys, i have a few pairs, what is the best conditions to breed them, others reckon justa tank and a sponge filter and they are off, not in my case. please advise gus
  7. anybody any suggestions, i have kept the tank clean, i can see the males and females looking great with great colour, for a week now i put some zucchini and algae wafers and they have not touched it, before that about 2 weeks ago only algae wafers and they just fungased out, had to take it out, is it worms, aor some else pls any suggestions, temp 26-28, ph around 7 thanks gus
  8. thanks a lot guys u have been very helpful thanks japes your are very kind i am happy with the information u sent me thanks again everyone, sorry i was sick for 2 days cheers gus
  9. hi japes. how would you try and make something that resembes that envoirement, would i have to have a lot of substrate and perhaps hide some pvc in there, i am not sure, has anybody got some ideas for me? thanks
  10. hi everybody, i have about 8 of them in a 6x2x2 with gold severums, orange heads, and other south americans. i have 8 of them ranging males about 15cm and females around 10-12cm, they tell me they are very hard to breed has anyone got any experience with them . cheers gus
  11. hi all, urgent help needed, i understand that there many people who have had similar experience with severums, i have a very urgent question, i have a apir golds that have laid eggs on a floer pot turned upside down, this morning i have seen that the eggs are not turned white and could be just a day old, looking at the male he is under a rock having a break, the female is guarding the eggs, what should i do should i make a seperate tank and use the same water, making sure the eggs dont touch the air and then put the whole pot with the eggs in the new 2 ft tank with perhaps a air stone or a small aqua clear 100, you think this will work? please reply urgently to me ok cheers gus sydney 0403672313
  12. they could need worming. Its easy to do and safe. Have a look and see if you can see any red hair looking things hanging out there anus, if so they have camalanus worms, use avitrol plus bird wormer, liquid or capsule. (cheap too) You could try rubbing garlic on their food, try zucchini. You could also try shelled peas which helps with constipation. Thanks guys, i really appreciate your help thanks kindly will follow your suggestions thaks gus
  13. hi guys, has anybody had a scene where like other fish my catfishes are just n ot eating, i threw in some veg pellets and they showed no interest normally i used to have some albino b/n and once i threw in some food they just went straight for it, could it be that these catfishes are suffering from worm infestation, has anybody had any experiences they could perhaps share with me, has anybody tried de-worming them? any suggestions will be appreciated. gus
  14. thank you oakes, mcsx and the rest. it was quite helpful, also if you come across the guys selling the alto caves, could you just reply to me, also is it ok to have the whole lot in the 6x2x2 which has a good mini reef, and what other tangs would be good tank mates?. so i then will add a few more barnacles, perhaps some shells and the caves also the one you mentioned which was to the left and see if i can get them to spawn, once i notice some activity and perhaps fry, what is the best thing to do, i mean what is a good setup, knowing i dont have a hell of a lot of time, if i could have a good second say 4x18x18 on a good setup will that do? your suggestion will be much appreciated. also will cultivating your own brine shrimp help, and do you know how i can try to do that, maybe somebody can suggest a good brine shrimp starter kit. thanks guys gus
  15. oakes, does bbs stand for brine shrimp and what types of otehr breeding caves i can make or buym and also what particular nls were you using? thanks for the help gus
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