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  1. Wow. thats big. I've just done the same. But on much smaller scale, my tank will be 9'x2.5'x2.5'. It will be in the wall seen from entry to games room. I've just finish building my steel frame. Good luck
  2. Very Nice set up mate. Hips of room expansion Can come for a look and may be pick same thing.?. R u going for the auction on 23rd ? I'm building Now a 9'fter - 1350L Regards Robert
  3. Hi I think this has been asked B4. Has any one got in Australia the Fish that in on the caver of Ad Konings book. Copadichromis borleyi mara rocks I think thats the fish, I dont have the book but I'm sure that's it. Robert
  4. Nice plant.... Is it real?
  5. G Day Mate Well, I should say you made it . But Where are the pics of the whole Tank? I would like to see that.... Robert
  6. KingoftheWorld has post Calvus for sale any ideas on sexing the fish for me ASAP PLz Robert
  7. Hi Fiona Bing a builder I tell you ... Looks like you have 100 mm pressure pipe because they only came with thick walls like that. And the best way to cut them is with any hand saw that has fine teeth. If you only have normal hand saw and is sharp; be careful when you start cutting (saw can jump and cat you) start slowly. And when you get half way cutting - slow down, support the of cut or it will snap off and live you unclean cut. Or just use Hacksaw but get a blade with 18 teeth or it will take forever. Good luck Robert
  8. Hi to you all... Didn't have much time since I"ve moved to GCoast.. Building house,, working and so on and so on.. The forum up here is not bad. Unfortunate they have auctions only 2 times a year and in Brisy 4 times a year. I was checking ACE forum few times a month for the results of the inports listings and it is a great news with the results we got. And thank you to all that made it happened . Last time when I got the Cyrtocara moorii of you I said if the would be a chance to get the Copadichromis borleyi (Mara Rocks) I would like to put my name on it. Please dont replay to that comment... Last year there was few people chasing Reddish looking cichlid, personal i dont mind the two following: Pseudotropheus "Williamsi" Aulonocara Rot, Albino Aulonocara "Red Rubin" I wish you the best and will be waiting to see what we get ( coming down to the big smoke in winter school holidays); and one more when are we going to get same 6bar blues Robert ( .au)
  9. Way to go Baz.... all the best wishes to you both of you, or may I say all of you. ------>You got one to go and you catch up to me mate. Robert
  10. Hi and thanx guys.. When and where are the meetings happening here ? Ben from AoA was telling me about it.. Robert Ps Thanx Doug I've found it.....
  11. Sorry wes -------------- Hey Daniel let me know ahead when you are caming, may be you can get me same fish on the way Robert
  12. Hi to you all Thanx Ben I didn’t think of that. This post was made on same ones else’s comp, but now I’m fine. Unfortunately I can only get dial up here, not even ADSL... Thanx Anita...., same one here told me I’ve now become a banana bender ... Robert
  13. Hi from GC We have moved to GC last Wednesday, and after overloading my truck so I had to fix the suspension we manage to get here. I had 4 drums half full of fish, manage not to loose any fish after 2 day trip.. All the best you u lot and thanx to Nigel and .au for help and support. Robert
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