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  1. Frontosa /Gibberosa like the feel of a cave like structure and are piscavores Tropheus like open water with flat surfaced rocks to grazed on and are vegetarian so require a lower protein based food to process through their long intestinal tract Petrochomis are the same NLS claim their food is a balanced diet for both and it is a good food but I dislike the orange byproduct you are left with after it is digested in your substrate and filters Personally I would go one way or the other depending on what species you like most
  2. @AndrewM mate where do I start the OB D Comp are hybrids hence why there is variation The C caeruleus looks more like C spilorhynchus The L hongi is an Aulonacara possible Ngara flametail I have serious doubts about the knowledge of wherever you got them from and their sales ethics
  3. @MFF you have found the problem with Perspex sheets https://www.bunnings.com.au/suntuf-sunlite-8mm-x-610mm-x-2-4m-clear-twinwall-polycarbonate-roofing_p1010564 this is a better option as it won't warp
  4. UV has a place but ………….. I feel it creates lack of resistance in anti bodies in fish if you have algae or disease problems then they are benificial good if you run a multi tank system on a sump
  5. @AndrewM what part of Melb are you in Andrew ? consider VCS and EDAS clubs if you want to network they will be itching to get back to meetings I know we are in Sydney with NSWCS
  6. sera flora flakes, dainichi veggie deluxe in baby size, repashay gel super green some small quantities of mozzie wrigglers in summer there are other veggie based foods that are quite good also
  7. good stuff FYI they will try to things 2/3 their size
  8. Petenia splendida won't bother any plants as they are a pure piscivore and don't dig they do use plants as cover while hunting which colour form are you looking at the Green or the Red
  9. Hi @Bella787 a pic of the fish and size details will help to get offers and guess a price
  10. and now you know why there is minimal structure in a breeders tank while you consider how to catch her
  11. @raychill are you ready for the Saturday Food Sale
  12. @pride looks outstanding mate
  13. Hi All Due to the ongoing Covid problems NSWCS will have a 2 hour sale window - NOT a meeting 6pm - 8pm on this Saturday 5/9/2020 Nuwarra Public School 11 McKay Ave Moorebank in the car park The club will be selling off the current stock of Fish Food at reduced prices plus soft drinks and snack foods that need to go Ray Hill will be there to oversee this available in varied package weights Orca No. 1 pellets Orca small pellets Orca large pellets Orcas wafers also various other brands in 2mm pellet 3mm pellet 9mm pellet colour bites sinking wafers flake packs
  14. Hi Sandra Electric Yellow fry are yellow from the start do yours show a different colour ?
  15. if memory serves me the old Sydney Cichlid became ACE forums I'm guessing the domain name lapsed and was picked up by someone else
  16. @thorpef1 welcome to ACE Andrew would be able to help you with most of your list except any hybrids as he only deals in true strain species there are also a number of breeders that advertise on Pet link and Gumtree plus MeWe now FB has shut down animal sales My main comment would be to make sure the filter was mature before starting to add the fish otherwise you could experience the ups and downs of new tank syndrome while building a bacteria culture to handle the fish waste consider a visit to Labyrinth at Campsie if only to have a chat with Andrew you are also most welcome to attend meetings of NSWCS if we can get past these Covid times to hold one in Sydney
  17. this what I found with Google Precaution: Treatment at the recommended dose rate for three days with subsequent partial water changes has not affected the nitrification process. Prolonged treatment of mature aquariums with antibiotics however will affect nitrifying bacteria. The use of a separate treatment tank is recommended where only a few fish are infected. Dose Rate: 1 tablet per 20L of aquarium water. Each tablet contains 375mg of Tetracycline.
  18. Hi @pride best move is to do some searching and see what you like but ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I'm guessing you still have a soft spot for Malawi Mbuna by your mix list maybe consider Acei Msuli Point powder blue with yellow fins male and female or look at finding species that are hard to find like Hajomaylandi look at groups of 10 fry / juveniles and let them grow into the tank if you get adult excess males with the ratio you mention shouldn't be a problem but each fish can be different in their outlook to the companions they are with Maingano tend to go well with electric yellows and will give a contrast in colour and pattern keep us updated with the journey
  19. please note the Illawarra meeting on Saturday 8/8/20 will be the AGM and no auction or raffle due to this and the Covid situation the committee has asked only members only to attend due to restricted numbers they hope to resume normal meetings on 13th September
  20. Coconut shells make excellent breeding caves this might hep with a frysaver build
  21. @Carey It's all a learning curve that never ends but you learn as you go amazing the size of the hole they can get through also be careful using breeder nets as larger fish will suck the fry through the net cory fry tend to stay on the bottom so maybe look to make a simple old ice cream container fry container and try to fine a fine net to use for the flow ports that usually have fly mesh over them or some medium density sponge
  22. In the health interests of members and guest we have cancelled the August meeting due to the spike in Covid cases and Liverpool area being on the list of hotspots Our Illawarra branch has been luckier and is still holding meetings 2nd Sat of the month at Koonawarra Primary School See on Facebook for details - there is a limit of 50 people in the hall and I'm told this fills fast Please note ALL financial 2019-2020 members of NSWCS will have their membership renewed at NO COST for the 2020-2021 financial year see the club section with more updates to follow
  23. all about the footprint not the height Frosty
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