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  1. please note the Illawarra meeting on Saturday 8/8/20 will be the AGM and no auction or raffle due to this and the Covid situation the committee has asked only members only to attend due to restricted numbers they hope to resume normal meetings on 13th September
  2. Coconut shells make excellent breeding caves this might hep with a frysaver build
  3. @Carey It's all a learning curve that never ends but you learn as you go amazing the size of the hole they can get through also be careful using breeder nets as larger fish will suck the fry through the net cory fry tend to stay on the bottom so maybe look to make a simple old ice cream container fry container and try to fine a fine net to use for the flow ports that usually have fly mesh over them or some medium density sponge
  4. In the health interests of members and guest we have cancelled the August meeting due to the spike in Covid cases and Liverpool area being on the list of hotspots Our Illawarra branch has been luckier and is still holding meetings 2nd Sat of the month at Koonawarra Primary School See on Facebook for details - there is a limit of 50 people in the hall and I'm told this fills fast Please note ALL financial 2019-2020 members of NSWCS will have their membership renewed at NO COST for the 2020-2021 financial year see the club section with more updates to follow
  5. all about the footprint not the height Frosty
  6. @pride I think look towards rounder river stones rather than the rocks you have also Nicaraguans lay non adhesive eggs and if you intend to spawn them you will need a pipe, hollow log or some kind of hard depression for them to spawn in with the timber stack being the best location I think for the heater and filter cover up Poret foam would act as a prefilter or like @mjoconr use the foam as the filter and fill the cannister with bio media the alternate is to make up a cover like a section of large diameter bamboo remembering to leave enough area to get flow to the heater and filter intake BTW Techden sells foam sections in different grades otherwise you can order Porets from NZ use the fish2water link from the post above
  7. @JV-Tangayika excellent scaping I agree with Adam about making it one species one of the Brichardi/Pulcher/Splenens complex or I could picture a pair or two of Julidochomis ornatus in there the yellow body would really stand out
  8. @Frosty easiest way is to just bag them up and put in styro boxes if you don't use square bottom bags remember to tape the corners off so nothing get caught there couple of drops of prime or stressguard then use O2 if you have it more important is the new tanks they go into that the filters are cycled and water is close in parameters
  9. @JV-Tangayika welcome to ACE forums depends on if you want to have a single species tank which works well for most of the small Lamprologus , Neolamprologus, Julidochromis Altolamprologus , Chalinochromis Telmatocromis, Callochromis species that will take up the lower to mid level of the tank or Cyprochromis Utinta , Mpulungu or Nigripinnis that use the upper level or want to try mixing a Cyprochromis species with one of the others
  10. Illawarra branch meeting Saturday 11/7/20 Koonawarra Primary School Byamee Street, Dapto New South Wales 2530 starts 6.30 pm discussion and demo on bagging fish mini auction and raffle NOTE limited numbers due to distancing
  11. crushed flake or ground pellets or fry powder will work fine Andrew has some good fry food at Labyrinth Sera Micropan is also a good fry food
  12. I've known Andrew since his days at St George and can't speak highly enough of him and his support for the hobby Labyrinth Aquarium is a strong sponsor of the NSWCS with generous support and a fun place to visit as you never know what he has around
  13. I think boy also any pics of it's head or side on
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