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  1. Link2Hell

    Canister Filter Reccomendation

    Hi Alvon have you considered a sump best time to do it is if you are getting a new tank made as you can position the tank holes to where the sump will sit in the cabinet if you are still considering cannister filters I use Eheim and they are ages old so don't know what the new gen Eheims are like but my 2260 just goes and goes lots of people have given the FX6 Fluval good reviews
  2. Link2Hell

    Lepidiolamprologus attenuatus

    could also consider Cyprochromis and make sure you have the corners of the tank covered
  3. Link2Hell

    Breeding pair aggression, any advice?

    give him a time out divide the tank or move him out leave her with the eggs and see how she goes if she fails then next time if it happens move her out
  4. Link2Hell

    From the ashes....

    Welcome back Andy Good to hear you have been down to Aggies to see Mark
  5. Nice to see you back Chuckie well the Asian ones that have started to come in are seriously disappointing that I saw in Melb last week orange and no black margins on the fins ………… hope it gets better ☹️
  6. Link2Hell

    Cycling tank - Nitrite won’t break Dow

    Patience you need the levels up to get the bacteria going stop the water change until the reading drops. Also if you use API kit take a water sample to a LFS like Labyrith at Campsie as Andrew uses JBL test kits
  7. Link2Hell

    Introduction size - New tank

    Hi Richie88 welcome to ACE what species of cichlid are you talking about depending what they are will help with an answer
  8. Link2Hell

    are oscars legal in south australia?

    seeing they are a legal import and not on the noxious list for SA , I would say they a legal species http://pir.sa.gov.au/biosecurity/aquatics/aquatic_pests/noxious_fish_list give Aggies a call I'm pretty sure they can advise you
  9. Link2Hell

    plecos and africans

    The large comon Plecos are very adaptable fish and this evident by the feral populations They are quite happy to live in Malawi parameters but feel best to keep them under 8.0 pH and a medium hardness that fits Central American fish
  10. Hi Chris could you please give me a ring on 0420922436



  11. all well and good now but after a while it will happen .................................. can't wait for the local ones to get mixed up with the different location ones they bring in especially if they are comparative to local priced stock unlike Frontosa these are a bread and butter species and seem to be a low demand with LFS when you talk to breeders with good quality stock
  12. Link2Hell

    What food are you feeding

    Hi @PlecoSam hope you made it through the floods OK buddy good to see you around
  13. Link2Hell

    Apistogramma Allpahuayo?

    some of the blackwater Appisto that were brought in had problems adjusting so wholesalers didn't feel the risk for market size was justified unfortunately due to being a niche section of the hobby the market size is a problem outside the usual strains from Asian exporters
  14. Link2Hell

    German Blue Ram tank stocking advice?

    Hi and welcome to ACE 50-150Lt is a pretty large variance in tank size especially with a stocking list like that what area do have available for the tank ? I think seeing as you want a long tank maybe a standard 90cm unit would work 90 x 32 x 45cm approx. 130 Lt but going to 90 x 45 x 45 cm would give a better footprint and be approx. 180 Lt what filtration do you intend to use ? once you answer these questions then you can think of a stock list do you have room for a water storage drum ? Sydney tapwater is just over neutral and low hardness this will give the acid/neutral pH with 30% weekly WC but if you can do a couple of 20% changes a week this would be better stability of water chemistry is related to the carbonate hardness of the water so low kH or soft water can create a crash due to infrequent water changes and I recommend looking at a neutral level of 6.8-7.2 pH these are not wild caught fish so are normally quite happy in that range and filter bacteria work better here than in a low pH system which can be subject to crashing from a drop in the maintenance schedule Plants Anubia, Java Fern, Bobilitis, Crypts even the humble Val …. what lighting will be used
  15. Link2Hell

    Apistogramma Allpahuayo?

    Aquarium Industries were bringing in lots of Apisto species a few years back and these were on the list try your local LFS and see if they deal with AI to check