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  1. @crawf you could try Andrew at Labyrinth Aquarium in Sydney 02 8068 4853 he got them in when the last fry came up for sale in Melb but that was a while ago don't know if he kept any back they pop up in Gumtree sometimes or in some of the online groups
  2. @MattG_Sydney what else do you have in there
  3. once again I get to advise you that the monthly meeting has been cancelled due to the risks not being acceptable yet so NO October meeting when we should have had a major auction but before we can think of these again we need to have a meeting to hold the AGM, but I don't think we will get to hold the fish raffle with it like usual we are all hanging to get to some normality in our monthly routine again for the first Saturday of the month but until things change with restriction it has been deemed not viable for health and safety of members and guests plus the economic factor if there is a positive case Hang in there guys it will change but we just don't know when
  4. Never used the brand but doing a quick google search I came up with this states does not contain sex hormones claims it can bring a fish to full colour in 14 days nothing outstanding in ingredients list but nothing to tell you what premix or attractans are usually can tell quality of the food by the first 4 ingredients and this leaves me wondering if it is floor sweepings from a cereal factory bottom line you get what you pay for but @ $29.00 for 150g I would want a better menu list Absolute Color Enhancer Food 150g Absolute colour fish food is ideal for enhancing fish to their full colours. It is a sinking pellet fish food for all fish from small fish to large fish. As well as its colour enhancing vitamins, it also contains high protein for fish growth. Guaranteed to colour your fish to its full colours in 14 days. See feeding instructions below. Recommended/feeding instructions Feed your fish once or twice per day continuously for 14 days. Your fish will reach its full colour after 14 days. After this 14 day period, continue to feed your fish with Absolute colour fish food 3 or 4 times per week to maintain the full colour of your fish. Ingredients: fish meal, products and by products of cereal, fishoil, premix, attractans Vitamin C Source: Ascorbic cid, Polyphosphate This food does not contain sex hormone.
  5. Frontosa /Gibberosa like the feel of a cave like structure and are piscavores Tropheus like open water with flat surfaced rocks to grazed on and are vegetarian so require a lower protein based food to process through their long intestinal tract Petrochomis are the same NLS claim their food is a balanced diet for both and it is a good food but I dislike the orange byproduct you are left with after it is digested in your substrate and filters Personally I would go one way or the other depending on what species you like most
  6. @AndrewM mate where do I start the OB D Comp are hybrids hence why there is variation The C caeruleus looks more like C spilorhynchus The L hongi is an Aulonacara possible Ngara flametail I have serious doubts about the knowledge of wherever you got them from and their sales ethics
  7. Hi mate,

    This Benson10 character with email address plecoking something or other advertising L046 zebra plecos has been booted off the QLDAF forum as a scammer.

    He's offering unrealistic pricing, with dodgy payment practices.




  8. @MFF you have found the problem with Perspex sheets https://www.bunnings.com.au/suntuf-sunlite-8mm-x-610mm-x-2-4m-clear-twinwall-polycarbonate-roofing_p1010564 this is a better option as it won't warp
  9. UV has a place but ………….. I feel it creates lack of resistance in anti bodies in fish if you have algae or disease problems then they are benificial good if you run a multi tank system on a sump
  10. @AndrewM what part of Melb are you in Andrew ? consider VCS and EDAS clubs if you want to network they will be itching to get back to meetings I know we are in Sydney with NSWCS
  11. sera flora flakes, dainichi veggie deluxe in baby size, repashay gel super green some small quantities of mozzie wrigglers in summer there are other veggie based foods that are quite good also
  12. good stuff FYI they will try to things 2/3 their size
  13. Petenia splendida won't bother any plants as they are a pure piscivore and don't dig they do use plants as cover while hunting which colour form are you looking at the Green or the Red
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