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  1. "lions cove". Here is a picture of what mine were like, all are sold now.
  2. african cichlid

    If you want to breed easily, go total malawi as they are able to produce in a sewer prolifically!
  3. african cichlid

    Large: Dimidiochromis sp. (kwinge, dimidiatus, strigatus, compressiceps) medium: Phenochilus sp. or electra sp. (Tanzania/mdoka/likoma) small: Lamprologus sp. (too many to list) Many more to choose from. Best of Luck and welcolme!!!
  4. Metriaclima sp. 'Zebra Gold'

    There is an area that charo and kwanga fall into! They look the same!
  5. Metriaclima sp. 'Zebra Gold'

    Female Charo
  6. Metriaclima sp. 'Zebra Gold'

    Knew they were charo mate, sent to Chris (i think) originally in WA. My male when he was horny had black under the chin and body. I shall post more pics soon!
  7. Tropheus worth

    For you, cost plus a nice bounty of fry when spawned! If you really want call me!
  8. Metriaclima sp. 'Zebra Gold'

    Also, would love about 50 fry mate as my alligators ate them last time remember lol. Anybody want a real usa alligator hehe..... Im waiting on my order to arrive from the everglades lol.
  9. Metriaclima sp. 'Zebra Gold'

    I will help you with the newest of the new mate! The gold zebras i take my hat off to you mate as you have done more than anyone else Australia wide with them, keep persavering Mike as they are an awesome fish!
  10. Tropheus worth

    What are these Tropheus kiriza hatched worth?
  11. What are these worth at 4-5cm? Have available if price is right?
  12. Such compassion!

    Nothing like cleaning the evening meal....