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  1. Barca888

    Is there such thing as too much filtration?

    If you keep species that don't like crazy strong currents that can be caused by having a lot of filters, then yes, that's a bad thing.
  2. Male has a nuchal hump on his head. A fully grown male should be around 24cm. Could be a female or a stunted male.
  3. Barca888

    Bristlenose Behaviour

    My female was doing this for 3-4 days then she deposited the eggs, so they probably will breed. That's if she is egg-laden.
  4. Barca888

    Bristlenose Behaviour

    My female was doing this for 3-4 days then she deposited the eggs, so they probably will breed.
  5. Barca888

    Bristlenose Behaviour

    Males usually lay claim to a cave and spend most of their time in and around it. When it was time to breed, my male let the female in and he then blocked her. I recently had my female sort of force herself in to my male's cave, eggs were laid but the lazy buM male didn't fertilise them.
  6. Barca888

    Feeding B/N fry

    They'll come out.
  7. Barca888

    e.yellow problem

    Try a product called levamisole. Helped my loaches. Easy on the fish too.
  8. Barca888

    e.yellow with mouthfull

    Have you got any rocks in there for the babies to hide in? Not sure what she does in a bare tank but when I let my female spit, I chucked in a few river stones and she spat them all in there.
  9. Barca888

    More Americans

    Nice collection of Americans. How old is that Blackbelt? Yours seems to have a lot more dots then mine.
  10. Barca888

    Little Advice+Photos of tank.

    I think it's an F. Rostratus.
  11. Barca888

    Random pics

    Absolutely fantastic shots, love the ebony and ivory, it's perfect. Very nice l200, every time I see one, I want one more!
  12. Barca888

    Boring tank set up

    I actually like the look of your tank, as said, it's a bit small for the fish. Looks like someone was watching letterman or someone in a suit.
  13. Barca888

    My L 27b

    Great fish, one of my favourite plecos.
  14. Barca888

    Oscar help

    My Oscar's weren't very violent in foreplay. They usually just sized their mouths against each other. You could have two males and the more dominant one is getting frustrated that no eggs are getting laid. I think I had two females, eggs would be laid, however, none ever hatched.
  15. Barca888

    What is this

    My rostratus has similar markings, think mine gets it from scratching his underside on the substrate.