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  1. Proposed laws to make hobbyists register as pet shops

    I believe the bird community made a fair bit of noise too. Unfortunately, I believe you are right Winston, it will come again
  2. Proposed laws to make hobbyists register as pet shops

    Yep, the Minister has told the DPI that the proposed standards would have "unintended consequences" and to go back and start again https://www.smh.com.au/politics/nsw/minister-scraps-controversial-pet-owner-draft-plan-after-outcry-20180418-p4za8j.html
  3. Proposed laws to make hobbyists register as pet shops

    You're right, DPI probably don't have the resources to proactively police fish hobbyists. However, If somebody makes a formal complaint the DPI are obligated to investigate it. They are already obligated to investigate complaints now, they just don't have the legislation in place to impose the penalties and/or shut you down. If this is put in place and you advertise fish for sale on facebook, gumtree etc you may well be approached by DPI to check you have the registration in place. They already monitor online sites looking for people selling prohibited animals. All it takes is somebody envious of your success or a dissatisfied buyer, or even a nosey nasty neighbour etc and it won't matter if you are underground or not. And unfortunately the modern world seems to be full of mean spirited people who will do just that. This is a dangerous piece of legislation
  4. Was reading this article. If introduced will have a huge impact on hobbyist breeders and the hobby in NSW? https://www.smh.com.au/business/companies/many-pet-owners-to-be-classified-as-pet-shops-under-proposals-20180406-p4z82d.html
  5. What fish is this? Is it a cross?

    Doesn't look remotely like a hongi, doesn't even look like it has any hongi in it
  6. What fish is this? Is it a cross?

    Looks like some type of Pseudotropheus, most probably a hybrid, particularly if you are breeding them in a community tank
  7. any one have Metriaclima aurora

    Hi yanke, thanks for that update mate, it's good to hear there are still some around and breeding, even if only with one breeder at this stage. I understand you wanting to build up your own numbers before moving any fry, but as soon as you can, try and get some of your fry to another breeder to spread the risk of losing the strain There don't appear to be any more around presently. Cheers, Doug
  8. Hi mate, Doug on the Gold Coast here. I'm trying to track down some pure Metriaclima aurora. I saw on an old post you used to keep them, was hoping you may still have some or know somebody who does?

    Cheers, Doug

  9. any one have Metriaclima aurora

    So did any of these turn up? If anybody knows of a pure strain anywhere I am keen to source some and get them breeding to keep them available to the hobby in Australia. Cheers, Doug
  10. P. saulosi breeders - need help

    Very few pure saulosi around, lots of crossbreeds getting around nowadays. Too many people trying to breed in community tanks.
  11. P. saulosi breeders - need help

    Yes, dominant female saulosi will show pale blue colouration and bars and be territorial. Luckily they are quite easy to vent sex
  12. Trialling a new flake food

    I'm waiting eagerly for the new locally made flake food you will undoubtedly use your vast nutrition knowledge to produce duck In the meantime I'll keep using this one
  13. Trialling a new flake food

    I'm also using this locally made flake now guys and am really impressed with it, it has quickly become the most used food in my Malawi fishroom. Cheers, Doug
  14. DFishkeeper

    Some of my current Ps saulosi colony. I have been selectively line breeding this strain for a few years now. Please excuse the photo quality, I am a novice using my daughters Iphone
  15. Sending fish

    If the seller can get them to Andrew at Labyrinth Aquarium he can probably ship them for you?