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  1. What fish is this? Is it a cross?

    Doesn't look remotely like a hongi, doesn't even look like it has any hongi in it
  2. What fish is this? Is it a cross?

    Looks like some type of Pseudotropheus, most probably a hybrid, particularly if you are breeding them in a community tank
  3. any one have Metriaclima aurora

    Hi yanke, thanks for that update mate, it's good to hear there are still some around and breeding, even if only with one breeder at this stage. I understand you wanting to build up your own numbers before moving any fry, but as soon as you can, try and get some of your fry to another breeder to spread the risk of losing the strain There don't appear to be any more around presently. Cheers, Doug
  4. Hi mate, Doug on the Gold Coast here. I'm trying to track down some pure Metriaclima aurora. I saw on an old post you used to keep them, was hoping you may still have some or know somebody who does?

    Cheers, Doug

  5. any one have Metriaclima aurora

    So did any of these turn up? If anybody knows of a pure strain anywhere I am keen to source some and get them breeding to keep them available to the hobby in Australia. Cheers, Doug
  6. P. saulosi breeders - need help

    Very few pure saulosi around, lots of crossbreeds getting around nowadays. Too many people trying to breed in community tanks.
  7. P. saulosi breeders - need help

    Yes, dominant female saulosi will show pale blue colouration and bars and be territorial. Luckily they are quite easy to vent sex
  8. Trialling a new flake food

    I'm waiting eagerly for the new locally made flake food you will undoubtedly use your vast nutrition knowledge to produce duck In the meantime I'll keep using this one
  9. Trialling a new flake food

    I'm also using this locally made flake now guys and am really impressed with it, it has quickly become the most used food in my Malawi fishroom. Cheers, Doug
  10. DFishkeeper

    Some of my current Ps saulosi colony. I have been selectively line breeding this strain for a few years now. Please excuse the photo quality, I am a novice using my daughters Iphone
  11. Sending fish

    If the seller can get them to Andrew at Labyrinth Aquarium he can probably ship them for you?
  12. Electric yellow lines around atm

    I believe the reason the colour in fins is disappearing in some lines is that many breeders are trying to choose their breeding stock too young and relying on picking the fish with less colour in their pectoral and anal fins in order to end up with a female heavy group. By doing this they are actually breeding out colour in the fins in their line. I was doing this also for many years until I realised what I was doing and for the last couple of years I have delayed choosing my breeding stock until they are 6.5 cm or so and can be vent sexed accurately. And I have concentrated on deliberately choosing females for breeding that have colour in all their fins, including ventral and anal. This is a personal choice as I believe the fish with nice thick black bars in all their fins are more attractive. And I am starting to get females now that are hard to tell from males, some even have an egg spot and an eye bar. And I have also been breeding for the best and brightest body colour I can achieve for many years now. Cheers, Doug
  13. Don't you hate it when ..............

    Spot on there Brad, I learnt from Dad, he had a surefire cure for the flu, you buy a bottle of bundy and a lemon, then you sit the lemon on the table and drink the bundy until you can't see the lemon, and you are guaranteed to feel better
  14. Don't you hate it when ..............

    Hi Chris, Between the smell and the taste of losing my lunch a couple of times, I had to drink an awful lot of bundy rum last night to clear my senses
  15. Don't you hate it when ..............

    Don't you hate it when you can smell something dead in the fishroom but can't find it. I could smell something off for the last day or so but despite a couple of quick looks couldn't find a body big enough to generate the smell. On occasion I've had the odd big fish or bristlenose escape from a tank and stink the place out but have always been able to find them fairly quickly by following my nose. But when I opened the fishroom this morning after being closed up all night I almost fainted from the smell. Luckily it became almost bearable once the room was opened up and aired, but I knew I had to find it as it would only get worse. So I spent a few hours today trying to isolate the general area it seemed to be coming from and looking for it. I cleaned out most of one end of the fishroom, including moving and cleaning under and around my fish food/beer fridge and still no luck. So as it was obvious the body wasn't in clear sight anywhere and was most likely stuck in some inaccessible little spot, I had a brainwave and went and got the trusty blue heeler. Since it was unlikely it would be in a place where she could try and roll in it (trust me, she would). And she was straight onto it, trying to get behind my main return pump and under the Nally megabin I use as a sump. So in I crawled with a torch and a scented hanky over my nose and there it was, a dead rat covered in maggots. So sparing you the gory derails, once located I managed to drag it out and get it into a bag and in the wheely bin, losing my lunch a couple of times in the process. At least one end of the fishroom has had a spring clean now