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  1. Wollongong NSWCS Auction

    Auction lot details can be emailed to parkersteven@dodo.com.au and information about the auction is on our new site http://home.exetel.com.au/illawarra.cichli...lid_society.htm I think there are lots still available and I will be taking calvus, cobalts, duboisi, daktari, bristlenose, electric yellows, afra cobue, alto comp. Regards Karen kazgirl65@hotmail.com
  2. Wollongong NSWCS Auction

    We would like to see everyone come down or up to the gong for the Wollongong Auction. Regards Karen
  3. NSWCS Auction

    Now I am very very disappointed. I have read other posts about people attacking others in posts, but to accuse me of attacking is wrong. pm I am trying to discuss these issues and if u dont want to think about them with an open mind and attitude then u should have stopped all posts from go to wo. The first post here is about 2 guys from vic wanting to bring fish to sell at the auction. Then u said u would get the handbacks from people. Now those guys and others will join the club on the day only to get their lot nos. Them and others will not be seen or heard from again. To me thats just a revenue exercise and not in the best interest of the club. We do not allow new members to join on the day and it works well. Sorry if u dont want to hear what I have to say. Regards Karen
  4. NSWCS Auction

    If we are a club and Wollongong is a branch of that club, then I feel that we need to work together and not just Sydney is there and we are not so lets not include them in certain matters. If lots were discussed at the committee meeting then surely someone could have said What about our branch in Wollongong? We need to have a bit more friendly associations between the branches. As for our auction in Aughust, I am sure the matter of lots will be discussed beforehand and Sydney as always will be considered. Regards Karen
  5. Allocation of Auction Lots

    Constructive is a good word. I understand that the issue of auction lots has been on agendas for a long time and the situation seems to be getting worse. One would think that the problems could have been dealt with by now and some solutions created before the lots were handed out. The old cant please everyone is really not good enough anymore. It was my belief that the club's aim was to help all members and branches and if giving lots to only some members and only to one branch, then I am very disappointed in the decisions u (committee) have made. Regards Karen
  6. NSWCS Auction

    I think it is very unfair that Wollongong Branch of the Cichlid Society were not allocated any amount of lots to be given to our members. Yet, here we are about to hand them out willy nilly. The persons just joining the club to get lot nos should be given last priority. It seems that a small amount of people were given a large amount of lots. Regards Karen
  7. Judge these cobalts

    Fiona How do we define best two males. Why not let the girls choose their man. I only have one cave in the tank and thats taken by the dominant male and then there are no territory fights. Regards Karen
  8. Judge these cobalts

    Whats wrong with keeping both males? I have 2 males and five females breeding constantly and no problems at all. When the dominant male is no longer the best the subdominant male will then take over. Regards Karen
  9. Styrofoam

    Hi You can buy Polystyrene sheets from RMax 1300888662. I think that they may be located near you from memory. If lining a fishroom dont forget that the thicker you go the better the insulation and keep heating costs down. Regards Karen
  10. Sydney Cichlid Society Meeting?

    Thanks Chris, very clear. Karen
  11. Sydney Cichlid Society Meeting?

    Cant seem to find mini-auction change of rules anywhere on the society home page. Can anyone tell me how many lots per single and family membership allowed. Thanks. Karen