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  1. I had a pair in my first African tank and they had such a great character. Finage is also awesome I think.
  2. Great pics of my fave Lepidiolamprologus Elongatus. May have to start up Another Tank!
  3. I had 2 breeding pairs in a standard 4footer and were continuously breeding. The dominant pair produced more fry of coarse. They bred in an upside down small terra pot with a small hole chipped out of the bottom. This was siliconed onto a lexan so retrieving fry was simple because I had a light substrate of crushed coral. They were very protective of those pots. Louie
  4. Hi Skippy I got some frys from you. And they were outstanding fish. The 3 males and rest females was what worked for me as well. Louie
  5. Thanks Josh. Only asking because I do remember the fry never has the slightest bit of barring and the ones advertised on Gumtree had very faint bars.
  6. Just a question about msobo fry. Are they a solid orange colour with not even the slightest bar on them?
  7. Hi All I just had my first batch of fry in my 4ft tank. I have 2males and 4 females. I know that I should have separated the pair as soon as they bred but before the fry were free swimming the other pair bred. . So I had two batches of fry. But wait there is more. The first male bred with the third female against the filter and the tank and the forth female has just started laying her batch in another terracota pot. The fry are so tiny.I guess that this is a very unusual setup. Has anybody ever heard of such a thing. Also what is the best fry food to feed all these fry. Thanks LouieO
  8. Hi Scott The fry will be alright and I would also leave the female in there a couple of days so she can get a bit of condition back . Louie
  9. LouieO


    Hi I have some bad news for you because I have just lost 14 fish out of two tanks that I done water changes using rainwater. My other six tanks I used tap water and no loss. I know that the local poultry farm had been spraying pesticide and the local pool shop confirms this. So I will not be using rainwater again for the sake of saving. Just leave it for the garden and car.
  10. LouieO


    I had to purchase through my local aquarium shop who had an account with Bayfish,but I must say the fish supplied by Bayfish was of TOP QUALITY LouieO
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