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  1. thanks Ged and Jim. the substrate is by aqua one and is fantastic I agree.
  2. decided to put up a video of my 6x4x2.5 tank. has been a year or so since the last one. checking back, its pretty amazing to see how much the fish have grown in the last year.
  3. its ok duck, i have a few spare tanks if you need some
  4. well since its a display tank, you leave the fish in there and make sure that none of the fry ever make it out. there is nothing better than a girl in the tank to make the boys display better.
  5. even if a suspected ID is given, you should never breed from any peacock that is sourced from an assorted peacock tank. it would be best if you dont raise any fry from such fish.
  6. I can certainly confirm they are finicky breeders. i have 7 females and 3 males presently and none of the males are fertile. For the girls, i am really not sure if any are fertile or not. The challenge is to buy fertile males, and NEVER bet a "pair" unless you can see fry. Unfortunately I paid very good money for "pairs" that were no more than a male and a female sold at the same time.
  7. Gav

    cycling a new tank

    if you are simply moving fish from the smaller tank to the larger tank the bio load wont change. as such the current filter would be enough to prevent any issues with your nitrogen cycle. i think your plan would work fine simply because I have done the same sort of thing in the past many times with no issues at all.
  8. i am pretty sure all the answers that are needed in this topic have been given and as such it doesnt need further replys.
  9. Gav

    Do Plecos Hunt?

    i have had plecos hunt down and kill other plecos quite often. once over 20cm they can become quite territorial and kill off other plecs in your tank. some people see it, others dont, but it does happen. now i never keep more than one pleco/gibbi in any tank once they are about 15cm or more simply because I got sick of losing them due to fighting.
  10. Bowdy, as the duck said, you already have a fair idea. there is no need to have a go at someone simply because they expressed their opinion. thanks
  11. have had both together in the past without any more issues than housing africans in general. havent seen the petros in years though. a lovely fish.
  12. there is no shop left in sydney that can compare to what st george was. however I agree 100% with Yanke. Labyrinth is the place to go as if Andrew hasn't it got something in stock when you go he will almost certainly be able to get it in. the bonus is he worked at st george forever, so while there is not the same store size, there is still the knowledge and experience which is of far more importance.
  13. to be honest i dont think i even consider what will happen to my fish if i spray outside. i have used various commercial pest control companies, using all sorts of products externally and had no issues with my fish. internally, they still use the same product, and I just cover the tanks. they also use the cockroach paste on all of the stands. i have had plenty of these cockroaches die and fall in tanks to be eaten by fish with no health issues. i have spoken to the guy who does most of my commercial spraying, and he happens to also be a fish keeper, and he advised me that it has been years since he has even heard of problems with fish from poisons used by commercial pest control companies. having said that, i never use any of the retail style pest control poisons (mortein raid etc), mainly because I never have a need. so I would probably be more careful with them if used near the tanks, but if used externally I would be surprised if you had any problems with tanks inside your house. still, i would still avoid direct contact with any spray and fish related items such as hoses that may be kept outdoors.
  14. i know of very few shops that will pay more than $4 each for yellows. usually its a matter of you take what you can get.
  15. Gav

    Giant Gourmis

    guys, this is a thread almost 4 years old, you may struggle to get responses.....
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