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  1. MoliroMan

    Tropheus and Heater question

    good idea mate, you'll luv them!! i would post pics here but it isn't the photography forum.....
  2. MoliroMan

    Tropheus and Heater question

    btw Jake i forgot to ask what Ts were u getting and how many? good luck with them and enjoy them!!
  3. MoliroMan

    Tropheus and Heater question

    Hi Jake, your tank volume is 365L so u need enough filtration to filter this volume 8-10 times per hour ie. 3000-3600lph total... your 2 canisters combined have a total filtration capacity of 2200lph so as Shane has recommended u should get another filter. i had used internal filters in the past but got sick of cleaning the filter wool every week. u could use a HOB filter like the aquaclear 500 instead or even add another filter like an Eheim 2217.. However, if your nitrate levels at the end of the week before water changes is low then your filtration may be enough. Also what is important is to do weekly 50% water changes. in terms of heating, it is generally recommended to use 1 watt of heating power per litre of water so in your case you need 365W... in summer very often u don't even need a heater so i guess one should be enough.. to be on the safe side i would have 2 as a backup just in case ! u can get cheap reliable heaters at one of our many sponsors. hth Dave
  4. MoliroMan

    Post pics of your other pets here

    Hey Matty...luv the way u composed that pic with the kelpie in the foreground in focus and the lab in the background....let me guess is the kelpie the dominant one? --- the poor lab looks like he is getting picked on.. JD....Mickey looks very naughty indeed.....if u put him in a tank he would get along well with the rest of your tropheus!!!! He seems pretty well behaved and intelligent with his handler though! Has he won any prizes?
  5. MoliroMan

    changing pumps for Eheim 2250/2260?

    thanks guys!!
  6. MoliroMan

    Post pics of your other pets here

    great pics mate... i really miss my German shepherds...makes me shed a bit of a tear thinking about them
  7. MoliroMan

    Post your Tropheus Pics Here! - d/l warning!

    here are some unusual looking extremely rare tropheus!!
  8. MoliroMan

    changing pumps for Eheim 2250/2260?

    Hi Ash, it is as i expected.... doesn't do any harm to have one more filter!!!
  9. MoliroMan

    New Fry savers

    great FS Aline....i will need to come visit u to pick up some soon!!! maybe i could come when the Wildcaught Ts arrive???
  10. MoliroMan

    changing pumps for Eheim 2250/2260?

    i think maybe u guys are misunderstanding what i am asking so i will be more specific. the 2250 comes with a pump rated at 1200lph.....if i change it to a pump at 2400lph would it reduce the efficiency of the filter??? Shane...if i ever have an Eheim i don't want, i will be sure to contact u first!!!
  11. MoliroMan

    New Aquarium opening next week

    i hope they will have tropheus!!!
  12. Andrea is the one who can make her own holey limestone rock...
  13. MoliroMan

    changing pumps for Eheim 2250/2260?

    Hi Guys, i have a Eheim 2250 and 2260 and was wondering if it is possible or even recommended to change the pump to something more powerful? thx Dave
  14. MoliroMan

    Post your Tropheus Pics Here! - d/l warning!

    pheebee....i was being sarcastic about staying on-topic !!! J D....luv the linangu....is that T holding already?? Parallel...those pics are great, the Ts are looking very healthy...any luck in finding anyone to swap your moliros with?
  15. MoliroMan

    Filtration advice needed

    i can't really comment on the new Jialu canisters but if u want full proof tested quality go for Eheim.... two 2217 seems to be the cheapest option. the FX5 is still a relatively new filter so with time its problems will be weeded out and maybe it would be less riskier for u to wait and see. Although it is a damn powerful filter and so effective, it is also relatively easy for the sponges to get totally saturated with waste and uneaten food, so u will need to give them a rinse every 4-6 weeks.. hth Dave