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  1. dhonti

    IMG 1425

    From the album: my fish

    neolamprologus salvoryi
  2. dhonti

    IMG 0997

    From the album: my fish

    xenotilapia ornatipinnis
  3. dhonti

    IMG 1619

    From the album: my fish

    neolamprologus furcifer
  4. dhonti

    IMG 1610

    From the album: my fish

    reganochromis calliurus
  5. HI Michael,I've started using Jebao because of the low wattage and are very quiet.I know a couple of people that had problems with them but my 4 ones have been fine over the last 18 months.Also they're quite cheap on Ebay. Cheers Glen
  6. dhonti

    IMG 6811

    From the album: my fish

    Callochromis stappersi
  7. dhonti

    IMG 6232

    From the album: my fish

    Alto fasciatus
  8. dhonti

    IMG 6384

    From the album: my fish

    Blue occie
  9. dhonti

    IMG 3979

    From the album: my fish

    black calvus
  10. microdontochromis tenuidentatus holding.
  11. dhonti

    Motoro pups

    Well done Alex,quite a few this time.Still haven't got any replacements to the ones I lost but might be soon.Cheers Glen
  12. Try putting some small bristlenose in the frysaver with them.Also it's better if you can feed them with live baby brine and at least twice a day until they get some body to them then you can try ground-up flake/pellet.
  13. Great shots Bruce, good to see everything looking so healthy. Cheers Glen
  14. Cyps are normally good holders so can leave them for a couple weeks and you should see the dark shadows of the fully formed fry in the buccal cavity.Yes they can eat very tiny amounts while carrying depends on the female. Where's the Kilesa ?
  15. Very nice pics and I think the micro is female and holding although not many.See if she tumbles them,then you're be sure Cheers Glen
  16. I promise you they're worth the wait. I might have to do a caesarean before too long! Cheers Glen
  17. Looking good David, I think that tank was suppose to come my house wasn't it ? Still waiting for mum to drop the pups, you're still first refusal so don't give up on it yet. Cheers Glen
  18. Well done Mike, Just wish you would breed something that I could pronounce. Cheers Glen
  19. Somebody has been accessing my dreams ! Thanks for sharing ,sighhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Cheers Glen
  20. Found them to be very slow growing,have had them for a couple of years now.Also noticed they breed on a flat rock and the colours in the pics aren't the spawning colours as the black becomes more visible on the body and you get the blue/purple fluro flecks down the sides.I wish the camera could show what you could see. Cheers Glen
  21. Just a couple of pics of my micro kiriza black/yellow with one of the females holding. Cheers Glen
  22. They are around 5-6cm,slow growing as with most tangs.Not sure how old,probably 8 months..I've got 10 so hopefully a chance of males and females. Cheers Glen
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