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  1. Anna

    whos the daddy

    hi guys I came home today to find that my cobalt blue zebra spat babies out 16 however I don't know who she hooked up with any ideas This is what I have in my tank Mpanga, neon spot, elec blue, elec yellow, kingsizie, Aceii, aceii msuli, Bolivan Butterfly, convict, albino convict, demasoni, frontasa, maingano, peacock eureka red, silver shark, venustus and I did lose a male lombardi which is the same family but I thought that was to long ago how long could she have held for the babies are they are at least 1cm long thanks Anna
  2. Anna

    venustus head changing

    Hi guys was wondering if anybody knows what is going on with my venustus he is a beautiful male colouring up blue in the face but on the top of his head crest it is dinting down more each day and changing his shape not longer a curve like it should be. only started happening a few weeks ago Thanks Anna
  3. Anna

    concaved tummies spreading

    good luck how did you know which was the offending fish because the last one I put in which I thought would be him Is looking perfectly healthy thanks guys for the replys I will go back to trying garlic and epson salts Anna
  4. Anna

    concaved tummies spreading

    Hi all I need some help My cichlids have got the stuck in tummy thing I have tryed some worming treatment and nothing is working I islotated the rusty, chilumba and lombardi to hospital tank and also tryed the garlic but they are still not eating It has also seemed to have spread to some of the other fish in the 6ft tank the red zebra and cobalt blue also now showing sign Vets won't return phone calls I can't seem to get my hands on any Metro out here in Bathurst Does anyone have any Ideas on something else I could try and where to get? I have a nice mix of fish and don't wish to lose them Thanks Anna
  5. Anna

    Frontosa turning black

    i was told that if i wasn't looking to breed frontosa that he would be alright in the lower ph with the malawi's but i will look into giving him a happier environment thanks I'm already hooked have a 6ft, 2ft and looking to get another I never knew fish were so addictive Anna
  6. Anna

    Frontosa turning black

    thanks for that he does have a lot of places to hide grasses, rocks, plants i hadn't seen him get pick on until today last week he was perfect Anna
  7. Anna

    Frontosa turning black

    hey all after some advice I have a new little frontosa in a 6ft tank with 15 other malawi's but he's not looking so good turning black fins are jagged and hiding alot thanks anna