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  1. Yes, the filter sand has a larger particle and should be OK with Geophagus spp. Lemme know how you go. Cheers - Ozi.
  2. Most LFS gravel is OK. Bunnings has some decent gravels for cheap too. Stay away from marble or glassed based substrates from Bunnings as there can be chemical interaction which pull the pH in a direction you may not want, or there could be contaminants on the 'mirror' stuff. The problem I found with sand is that it compacts and can be a PITA to vacuum. The particle is amorphous, so eventually settles firmly and can go anaerobic. Yep - that means you get to clean out stinky black sand when you remodel that system. If you're going South American, think small gravel to be kind to your clean-up crew and yourself when it's cleaning time. Have a little think about driftwood and plants too. If you structure your substrate installation it's really easy to do a low-tech planted that will pretty much self fertilise. That said: the big question is "What species are you considering?" Some substrates and plants are incompatible with some species.
  3. OziOscar

    Where is everyone

    Yep, it looks OK. The office room (5 x 10 metres) is already grey walls, dark grey ceiling, light grey bookshelves so the silver grey Aqua One looks like it was meant to be here. Changed my mind about discus. Too much effin' around with pH management, controlled pH and temperature water changes, high temperature tolerant plants, trying to go heavy planted and try to be reasonably close to biotope, the expense of keeping the tank and the water change at 28C... It gets down to 4C here in winter, so it would take at least 600W of heating at least 12 hours to get up to the desired temperature. That's about $7 per week ($84 per quarter) in power for water changes for twice weekly changes. CO2 and high light at the front for micro-grass, dimmer at the rear for other plant species, etc. Add the aggro of the missus' disapproval of a couple of blue barrels in the house... negotiable, but why bother? Too much trouble imho. The water profile for my area (upper north shore) is pH 7.8... ffs... The water supply body is proud to say they're heading for 8.0. I don't understand why. That looks like a PITA for some water users - such as those of us who are trying to maintain sub-7 and for we who are professional gardeners. Yes, benno, you're right. Can't do juvies in a planted tank without a lot of attrition. Been there. Done that. Lives lost, dollars burnt. Won't do it again... too unkind. Have cleaned and sanitised the tank, and am test filling as I write. The kids (7 & 4) were excited about it at first, demanding to stay and watch, but then declared "Dad! This is boring" which elicited a response of "No sh1t, Sherlock. Want to listen to paint drying?" They actually said yes. I think they have a future listening to early Pink Floyd. Back to the drawing board. Cheers - Ozi.
  4. OziOscar

    Where is everyone

    Hi Oakes Yes, it would have been about that long. I think I closed down the last system about ten years ago. I bought a used Aqua One four footer (4 x 17 x 20) for cheap, the one with the rounded-corners one-piece front pane. Am thinking to do a planted discus display tank. I've done it before on a smaller scale, so this will be fun. Still lots of reading to do to update my knowledge and techniques, and decide between Bleher style biotope or proper eye-candy. Like you, am not keen on breeding again. You end up with many tanks, heaps of technical equipment and the LFS orders a new Ferrari every time they see you. Cheers - Ozi.
  5. OziOscar

    Where is everyone

    Hi! I have been away from this forum for years. I got into breeding - kids, not fish - and finally they're of the age where I think I can trust 'em not to pull a 4ft onto themselves. It's going to be a slow start as so much has changed since last I kept Africans and was a biotope nazi. Lots to learn, again. If anyone remembers me, say g'day. In the meanwhile, I'll lurk and learn. Lots of old stuff to read. Cheers - Ozi.
  6. OziOscar

    help with water testing!

    It sounds as if it's possibly inadequate filtration. The flow rate is OK but I'm guessing that there is not enough media involved in the equation. If you can bust out the dollars for a canister, even a cheapie, that will give you a tank turnover of >6X per hour you will get a better result off your Oscars. If you can get it up to 10X you will be stunned by the results. Low filtration will allow survival and nominally good growth, but often results in stunted growth and/or shorter lifespans. Faster turnover, better mechanical and biological filtration will give you Oscars of good size, great health and possibly breeding potential. I used to breed Oscars. HTH. Cheers - OziOscar.
  7. OziOscar

    Jebao and/or Aqua Nova cannisters

    Gotta agree with you, Limegirl, about Fluval. The one thing that I have found about their products, especially when I was a n00b, is that they're excellent at making your wallet lighter. They do work well and keep working but are very costly. That said, I have a powerhead from a reverse UGF setup from the late 90s which is still powering on nicely. It hasn't even needed a shaft or impeller replacement in all that time. Maybe later models were made to lesser standards. Cheers - Ozi.
  8. OziOscar

    What do you run in your Aquaclear?

    Carbon doesn't cause HITH. Poor water conditions are part of the cause of HITH. Usually, carbon is used when you're trying to scrub something out of the water column. I've been keeping fish for about twenty years and have had precious little use for it for the most part. If you're using an AC, just make sure you stick to a good water change regime including gravel vacuum work and not just top-up and everything will be OK. IMHO, ACs are a bit light-on for a 4' if they are the only filtration owing to the lack of surface area in the filtration medium. Please consider a canister that has capacity for lots of media. There are many threads in this forum which could give you a whole world of guidance. HTH and lots of luck.... oh - and Merry Christmas! Cheers - Ozi.
  9. OziOscar

    Jebao and/or Aqua Nova cannisters

    I agree about the quality canisters on the market - can't be beaten for longevity. I still have three Aqua Nova running politely after I guess three years. No leaks or breakages - touch wood. Cinch to install and prime out of the box, easy to prime when warranted in cleaning. The lack of quality media soon added extra $$$ to the buy price. However, am reasonably happy with the performance, even of the fit and finish isn't up to the standards of the Eheim. I had some other ones which were an order of magnitude cheaper but they only lasted about two years before impeller failure among others. The design of the impeller meant having to Dremel the old one off in order to fit the new one. The impeller shaft design was pretty poor. Lots of detritus built up around it, lower the shaft speed. The ceramic from which the shaft was made was of poor and brittle quality, so managed to snap a couple of those (out of six). Fortunately I had some short stainless steel pins that I jury-rigged as a working impeller shaft. HTH. Cheers - Ozi.
  10. OziOscar

    hair algae

    You can thin out most algae by just leaving the lights off for a few days. The comment on old lamps is correct. It's not so much the reduction in luminance output, it's the spectral output change as the lamps age. The lamps stop / reduce output in some parts of the spectrum and increase in others and voila - algae. Cheers - Ozi.
  11. OziOscar

    cloudy tank

    Sounds like a heterotrophic bloom. Don't stress. Depending on what it is, it could last a week or so. Just go ahead with your scheduled water changes and it will disappear automagically, usually. It's possible there was some contaminant in the tank - anything from a sweaty hand print to unspecified dust / detritus in the case of a brand new tank. These blooms can take anything from a few days to a few weeks to show up. The last time I had it happen in a new system (new everything), all I did was boost the filtration (threw a second canister on), leave the lights off and voila after three or four days. HTH. Cheers - Ozi.
  12. OziOscar

    Fish Rock aquariums

    It's my LFS and love it. Malcolm is a top bloke and makes sure he calls you when you special order items. Can't recommend them highly enough. It was recommended to visit there by another member of the forums who is also a local and a top bloke too. You know who you are. The only shame is that they don't have Alon from the previous ownership there - he was a great guy and very knowledgeable and well into the hobby too. The staff there are great, but seeing a familiar face is one of those touches that makes a biz well stable, imho. Cheers - OziOscar.
  13. OziOscar

    tanks and who has the cheapest in sydney

    Check out the Forum Sponsors first - they often have some pretty good deals. Just make sure that you don't get a 'cheap' tank rather than a well priced one else you're potentially facing some horrible risks that it will go pear shaped - especially at the sized you're looking for! Worst comes to worst - hit the Trading Post. Cheers - OziOscar.
  14. OziOscar

    New article

    Great article/tutorial! Cheers - OziOscar.
  15. OziOscar

    Leaves going see-through?!

    Any news, Rumpig? Cheers - OziOscar.