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  1. Michael

    new video of the 6x4

    awesome set up mate
  2. Michael

    october major auction

    only 20 times bigger than the one we had in Melbourne on the same day
  3. Michael

    Rio brancos with fry

    that is bloody awesome vid mate. good luck with them.
  4. Michael

    Post your Tropheus Pics Here! - d/l warning!

    Love the tank Jon, what size is it..? Loving the T pics guys
  5. Michael

    Requesting buy/sell forum

    This might help mate Click Here cheers
  6. Michael

    E.O.I Limnochromis auritus

    Is that Limnotilapia dardenni sooty
  7. Michael

    Gravel cleaner to the rescue!

    Hey richard, which brand one have you got, cos I have one some where here and its useless.
  8. Michael

    Robertsoni or gymno for 75gal?

    Sooty had some of them robertsoni 4 sale a few weeks back.
  9. Michael

    Correctly bagging fish

    yeah here some some pics of them per bag fish photo credit to DiscusDude
  10. Michael

    A day in the life of a Labeotropheus

    Awesome pics, very nice fish too, Does anyone know if the Katale' variety is here in Oz
  11. Michael

    Melbourne Aquariums?

    thats one is Called..... Upmarket pets. but if you are in the city the ones sarah said are worth checking out also Subscape in Richmond too is worth checking out, Yeah Melbourne Aquarium is worth checking out too.
  12. Michael

    Petrotilapia sp. "chitimba bay"

    Nice pics Gav, These are one of my fav Malawis, I am also breeding them, here is a pic of my boy. I have also found that happens andy, my male looks much better in real life
  13. Michael

    What did everyone get ?

    thats crazy, I seen some juv's in melbourne for $85ea only a few weeks back, your mate will be very happy with that price thats for sure, what size were they..?
  14. Michael


    Hey guys, Was wonding if anyone has seen any Cyprichromis leptosoma Bulu Point around lately..? Cheers