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  1. Awesome fish. I love the utinta always have. Cheers Rosco
  2. I just on to the ACT forums for the first time in years, and the first person I see posting is Rosco... Good to hear you are still around my friend! :)

    Been a long long time.

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    2. rosco


      Hey hey col.

      Sorry i missed the message (stupid phone).i just stalk around here these days as i am all but fishless. Laurie and i did a Sydney run last month door old times sake i think it was our second for the year the other one was in feb.

      Both trips we had to renew membership lol. All my gear has either been sold off or borgalious has it. kids chew up most of my time these days. my little bloke had 6 hours of soccer training this weekend plus a swimming lesson so there is the weekend gone. i do more fishing with the lad than fish keeping these days. 

      What's shaking with you? 



    3. LucifersJester


      Wow! Fishless!!!

      Me? I've finally got my girlfriend living with me, and her 9 yr old. I'm 100% fishless and have been for a long while.

      I'm into firearms more these days. Am a certified firearms instructor and am starting my own training and firearms related business. I also make blacksmith and do custom knives - amount other things. I'm always building and have projects on.


      I haven't spoken to the Borg for years... 

      I'll probably be a dad in the next two years and then things get really interesting. LOL

    4. rosco


      Wow how things have moved on.

      I am heavily involved with the belwest soccer club these days in between working web work, coaching and committee it doesn't leave time for much else.  My little bloke is now 11 so i am trying to teach him the art of fishing and patience but with his xbox attention span it is challenging. 

      The borg hasn't changed. He is always trying to find his next get rich scheme.

       You will know your alive once the pile of nappies is around your ears :lol3:. Thankfully with an 11 year old and a14 year old hopefully the next person in nappies will be me lol. 



  3. Thanks aussie he was a cracker. He did after all come from great stock aussie?.
  4. I lost track of time due to work commitments and missed out. I was hoping to tee up our annual\bi-annual trip up to the meeting for at the bare minimum renew membership, a bit of indigestion, caffeine overload and sugar high from too many pies, coffee and donuts lol. I guess it will have to be next time. I am glad it went well. Cheers Rosco
  5. Like aussie said it is hard to choose but baenschi Benga and ngara flametail are my top two followed by most of jacobfreibergi mainly due to their awesome finnage. Cheers Rosco
  6. Over the years i have bred lelelupi, mustax, several variants of julie and cylindricus. I always bred them in 2x18x18's species only tanks with great success. I always bought 6 juvies to get pairs it worked a treat. If you want a little more interest in a 3' tank you might be able to get some shellies like gold occies. Cheers Rosco
  7. I concur with Chris. In a tank of that size you really only have the choice of utinta or malasa the jumbos really need 6x2's when they grow up. With the multis just put more shells on there and break their line of sight work rocks etc. Some other cool fish are julies. You could a couple of transcriptus or regani as well. Unfortunately you can only have comps or calvus Cheers Rosco
  8. I had 10xmaingano, 6-8xafra cobwe, 10xyellows and 6-8xbenga peacocks in a 6x2x18 and they looked sensational, all behaved and bred nicely, well the dominant species did. The dominant species afra's and maingano bred well but the yellows didn't really breed consistently and benga's only occasionally. I caught the benga trying to breed and caught the maingano pinching their eggs?. So i ended up dividing the tank in half and spring the colonies and got some great results. I agree work the mix but with more yellows Cheers Rosco
  9. They would look good and work well in a display tank as they are all reasonable passive. Unfortunately you couldn't breed them all together as the peacocks will cross. Cheers Rosco
  10. It is a sad day but hopefully manland may emerge from the ashes of my fishroom . Nice array of fish chris I like gobies in particular. Chuck/Chris - I will end up with 3 tanks still a 6x2x2 (for my f1 kitumba fronnies), a 4x2x2 (mixed malawi males) and a 3x18x18 (my first attempt at low tech planted tank) so I am not totally out lol. Cheers Rosco
  11. Nice work chris I still have 5 tanks running but I just lost most of my kitumba fronnies fry due to a combination of the last mini heat wave and my lack of attention so I have all but given up now. I have now given away my last two racks (one was empty) to Alex in the hope they can be used in anger again. I could have sold them but I just wanted them to be used by a true MTS sufferer like myself Cheers Rosco
  12. I wouldn't I have saved many trophy with Epsom salts. As the saying goes there is nothing like a dose of salts. I used to use a separate tank and slowly increasing the salt level over a few days. You can also try salt baths. It will draw the fluid out of the fish plus flush them out. Cheers Rosco
  13. Lol it has just formalized the existing arrangement Chris Cheers
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