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  1. brucem so you think it could be some sort of pairing behaviour?
  2. They are only new in the tank. The males were put in on Saturday and have been quite peaceful together. The 2 females went in yesterday and that's when the aggression began. I thought perhaps it was a sign that the 1 of the males was trying to pair.
  3. Quick question - Neo. Caudopunctatus, Are the males quite aggressive towards the females when they are trying to "attract" a female? I have what I believe is 2 males and 2 females. 1 of the males is alternating between aggressively chasing the 2 females and nipping at them, "showing off" alongside them and sort of positioning himself between the other male and the females. He isn't showing any aggression towards the male.
  4. Hello everyone. Getting back into Cichlid keeping after a while away. Love tangs and was wondering if there is anyone around Adelaide who are keeping them? Cheers Phil
  5. Hi There Ps. Acei (blue with yellow tails look good with Electric Yellos in my experience. Also get on quite well together. Cheers Phil
  6. Hey Bruce Sorry I can't help you with the question... but congratulations on getting the fry. Cheers Phil
  7. Sorry to here about your loss. Similar happened to me.. Lost about 14 Comps that I had been growing up for the last 14 months (my first lot of babies).. Only yhing that survived were some juvenile bristlenose. Cheers Phil
  8. Hi Juzzo. My suggestion would be to remove the shell to a net as soon as you see the fry in the entrance to the shell. I can't see them lasting long if they emerge from the shell. Cheers Phil
  9. The same has happened to me a couple of times. the female lays eggs in a barnacle... all looks ok. Couple of days later eggs are gone.. Then a few weeks later she will have another batch and they hatch fine.. Whether ir is something to do with if they are fertilized properly or not I do not know. Cheers Phil
  10. trofius they were bought as "kavala" When they are younger the fry are quite pale with the stripes. But the breeding pair seem to stay dark like in the pics. The female tends to show the stripes even though she is dark too. Cheers Phil
  11. Hi trofius Feel free to post away. No problems here. Cheers Phil
  12. Hi all. Took a few pics after reading the tips. I think I managed to get afew 1/2 decent pics for a change. So I thought I'd share. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Hope you like them. Cheers Phil
  13. Hi All Thought I would add a pic of 1 of my tang tanks Cheers Phil
  14. Priscacara Have a check in the classified section on here. You can pick up the cyp's a lot cheaper. I have seen 4cm advertised for as low as $9 each. Others around $18 - $20 each Cheers Phil
  15. Hi All. I have a pair of Bristlenose that had laid some eggs in a barnacle. They had babies once before and I only found out when I found 1 lonely baby swimming around in the tank. I caught it and placed it in a breeding net but it died a few days later. ( I think the rest may have been eaten by other tankmates.) How do I go about trying to raise the little 1's this time? Do I wait till they hatch to a certain stage and then move them to a breeding net? And then what do I feed the wrigglers? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Cheers Phil
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