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  1. AzFish

    Tank pics

    excellent pics (for an iPhone) Bruce!! Vape Shop Sydney | Vape Shop | Vape Store | Vaporesso
  2. AzFish

    Pallet racking

    I got mine, when I had them, from Maloufs Vape Shop Sydney | Vape Shop | Vape Store | Vaporesso
  3. Are you not worried your letpo's will end up as fish food for the fronnies? they'll be fine when small but once those 7 bars get some size ... dinner is served?
  4. Maybe take a look at makemyled.com.au and ask for a custom job? Vape Shop Sydney | Vape Shop | Vape Store | Vaporesso
  5. Excellent pic! Featherfins, hands down, my fav tang!
  6. I wonder if you could use quickset watercrete to seal it ? You'd have to make it a bit wetter to apply and would need multiple coats but the stuff is water safe and used alot in marine aquariums as a cement for creating rock structures.
  7. 1. What are peoples experiences with Absolute Aquarium tanks and cabinets, alternatives? I've never had a problem with them, decent quality and price point is OK 2. Pumps - what is nice and quiet, LpH I should look at, thinking 5x display volume, multiple pumps ? Vectra's are OK, they are a DC pump so they whine a bit. A cheaper alternative to vectra but just as quiet are jebao/jecod DCT pumps, look at fishstreet for these. Otherwise, lagunas are great pumps, eheims (the old bricks not the new ones) and lastly, aquabee pumps. 3. Plumbing - Hole through back or weir + vs - , best way to plumb to minimise noise. Either are good when you use a durso standpipe to control the noise. 4. Stock - now the new laws have stuffed it up what Tanga's are available locally? Plenty of tangs around, with a tank that size, tropheus sp, featherfins would be good fish to keep. depends on what you want to do with the tank, display or breeding. 5. Air / Circulation - air pump recommendations and setup, wave maker vs power head Go the wavemaker, check out the jebao wavemakers, i have the rw4, going stong for almost 2 years now, as quiet as a vortech but not as quiet as a tunze. Use 2 or 3 of them and you shouldnt have any problems keeping detritus in suspension.
  8. AzFish


    When at bunnings, you're after tank fittings, not bulk heads. They are in the pvc plumbing section and are hansen brand. Most bunnings sell these, usually in 40mm.
  9. I always liked aulonocara ethelwynnae, followed by aulonocara baenschi
  10. Hi Tom! ahh my first cichlid ever. If my memory serves me well, my male was probably around the 3-4inch mark.
  11. AzFish

    Tank build

    also consider the higher the tank, the longer your arms need to be to reach the bottom love really tall tanks, check out cttompsons thread on his tank, it should be here somewhere. as for who can make it, always go with a specific tank builder.
  12. an automatic top off system (simple one with float valve) will mean the water level in the return section never runs dry. You can never have too much biological filtration
  13. crushed marble is inert?? myself and many others have been using marble chips for decades on fresh and marine tanks to buffer the water; was always under the impression crushed marble chips is just calcium carbonate.
  14. AzFish

    wave makers

    I had a jebao rw4 running on my planted aquarium which was a 3x20x20, worked a treat .. my 2c on sunsun/aquanova/weipro (they are all the same), you'll pay twice for these, i've never had one last 12 months. The jebao has now been running for over 12 months, not a single issue with it.
  15. I'd be asking the tank builder to replace the panel IMO, a scratch I could live with, a chip like that would bother me to no end!
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