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  1. Sydney water has chloramine added which requires a quality water conditioner to break down. I figure for the small amount it costs to treat the water there's no harm in doing it and very little financial imposition. Plus there are much bigger bogus marketing schemes in the world to worry about! Sydney Water have a fact sheet which they publish specifically for protecting fish: - https://www.sydneywater.com.au/web/groups/publicwebcontent/documents/document/zgrf/mdq3/~edisp/dd_047549.pdf
  2. spedwards

    bad choice?

    They would normally indicate on the package whether the product is aquarium safe or not. The Selley's website lists the Glass Silicone for aquarium purposes, but doesn't explicitly say not to use Roof & Gutter on aquariums. Both products are 100% silicon, the difference appears to be the cure method used, so if you let it cure I can't see it being a problem. I would let it cure for at least a week before putting into the water though. EDIT: The only thing I noticed with the Roof & Gutter is the line which states Not recommended for use as a plug for burst pipes or below waterline applications. I'd also note that I would choose the Glass Silicone product myself as the manufacturer actually lists it for aquarium use.
  3. spedwards

    3D background

    You're going to have fun trying to get it in and secured in an established tank. I put one into an empty tank a few years back with a 4 x 2 background. All of your questions were discussed in this thread - http://www.aceforums.com.au/index.php?showtopic=23967 The major mistake I made was trying to get the background in without protecting the glass. As a result I ended up with some scratches which was disappointing, but they don't take away too much from the tank in the end.
  4. I got mine from Mini-Crete in Lakemba. They have other locations but when I last purchased this was the only one which stocked the crushed marble. http://minicreteconcrete.com.au
  5. If you want super white then check out crushed marble, it comes in a variety of sizes and can help buffer your water. Last time I got some it was $12.50 for a 25kg bag.
  6. A better option for my mind would be running an external inline pump on the broken canister. The advantage would be if the one remaining pump on your working canister fails you wouldn't lose both filters. You'd also get a higher water turn over that just a single pump.
  7. spedwards

    3D background

    Why is it impossible to seal it up fully? I did a 4x2 background a few years back and was very successful. If you're up for a read then check out http://www.aceforums.com.au/index.php?showtopic=23967
  8. It goes back a while, but I did this a while back and was very happy with the results. It takes time, a little effort and lots of patience. If you're interested there is a 90-odd message thread from before I started through to the finished product. Lots of advice was given and mistakes made: http://www.aceforums.com.au/index.php?showtopic=23967 TL;DR - Yes, it works very well and totally worth the effort. Just be careful of: Scratching glass with toolsScratching glass with backgroundPebbles stuck into silicone at the sides of the background are starting to fall out.If you ever want to add aeration, put airline hose in - even if you don't just do it in case you change your mind!
  9. For anyone looking for some additional safe guard against stuck heaters, today I purchased a FridgeMate MkII Digital Temperature Controller Kit. Basically it works by cutting AC power when I set temperature is met and turning it back on once it drops below a set level, it works in cooling and heating applications. It was recommended by a mate who's into his home brew and a mega nerd when it comes to this sort of thing. This would even allow me to continue using my stuck heater for a while longer.
  10. Thanks all! At the end of the day, it's heart breaking (and wallet breaking) but I'll live to fill another tank. I'll order another heater, reset the water to Malawi parameters and go for it all over again.
  11. They say bad luck comes in threes... for me it's 3 disasters, each 3 years apart. I wandered into my study this afternoon to spot my two male bristlenose sitting next to other on the filter intake, a little strange. I look a little closer and cannot see any fish swimming around, closer still and then see my entire dub colony stuck to the intake of my pump. I've lost an entire tank full of fish again and I'm devastated again for the third time! The tank water is hotter than I'd have a bath in, I thought I was over this after moving into a modern insulated house but I've apparently come undone by a stuck heater. Total loses include 11 dubs, 2 Julies, 2 Gold comps, 3 bristlenose plus 10 fry, 1 peppermint BN (the sole survivor of my last incident), 1 N. leleupi and 1 Ikola. Hope everyone else is having a better start to the year! Cheers Jon
  12. I was going to suggest that but I thought you might get leaks, good to hear that it's working as an interim solution!
  13. That'll do it! Any Eheim reseller should be able to source the replacement part you need.
  14. Can you wind the screw all the way down and take a photo to show us how far down onto the fitting the hose is sitting? And maybe a photo of the barb fitting it's attaching to? It looks like you've got a leak from the tap in the background also.
  15. That seems to be correct based on the information the Eheim website: http://www.eheim.com/en_GB/products/technology/external-filters/classic-350#technology The easiest place to source it is probably your LFS. You don't have to get the green Eheim hose, any old aquarium 12/16mm filter hose would be fine.
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