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  1. Awesome glad you got them love the kabogos. Sorry about the thread hijack.
  2. I have a video on my iphone of him displaying but having some trouble getting it to my computer so ill keep trying.
  3. Here are some more pics Jason they were taken at the same time.
  4. Gotta take some more once I find my camera again as I only used the macro lens. Sold the mutondwe Shannon.
  5. Envious of Timstas pics, I thought id post some of mine of my foai. They are a close cousin to the Mutondwe I reckon
  6. Absolutely beautiful even better in the flesh
  7. Aulonocara Stuartgranti Kande Island
  8. Shuffled some fish around to sort out compatible colonies. Will see if it made a difference when I get home.
  9. Yes Andrew is the go to guy. Was there last week and picked up some fantastic f1 stock and has already started colouring up at only 4cm.
  10. I currently keep rainbows with cyathopharynx and not only are they doing well, they are a fantastic dither fish.
  11. Couldnt resist Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  12. these are a great fish i have an adult colony which i plan to sell. Constant breeders they are. I love the way they scour the glass of algae.
  13. jonnytw


    he is lying he's a professional photographer I've seen his studio
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