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  1. kingtiger

    Sexing L397

    1M, 2F and 3M...growth not normal.
  2. kingtiger

    air pumps -- need help/advise

    How about placing the air pumps on a vibration dampening tiles? Google vibration dampening tiles. PM me if you're interested it and maybe I can help with something similar, maybe. Cheers
  3. kingtiger

    L number cats

    Yes ducksta, when I sold my ilangi colony I've replaced them with Geo Orange head. Transition is about few weeks but to keep the long story short these L's will thrive in high Ph. Also anyone ask about diet, I only feed all my fishes NFS Thera A, even my L46 no exception.
  4. kingtiger

    L number cats

    Really...You must be the famous forgotton man...lol. There are plenty of my post in plecoplanet don't you worry. Have you own L204 or any kind of L's? If you have you would not make such a pathetic comments. "They look great in that fry saver You cruel "catfish keeper" They are taken out for photography. Do some more reserach before shooting off your mouth.
  5. kingtiger

    L number cats

    To the post above, have you ever owned L204 and kept with Cichlid? If the answer is No than check the below profile. The suitable Ph ranges are 6.6 to 8.6 and I have kept them with Tropheus (F1) with no issue as long as you keep stable Ph for both species and bit of draftwood for the catfish. You are obivously know nothing about catfish and this is not a passing comment, this is factual with photos to proof. 3 x L204 grown from 3 to 5cm along with cichlid with no issue. http://www.planetcatfish.com/common/species.php?species_id=126
  6. kingtiger

    L number cats

    L204 if you can find it.
  7. kingtiger


    That female is very plum and lush....lower your TDS. Does yr white gravel buffers the water? Cheers
  8. kingtiger

    Tung Choi Street - Mong Kok

    I try to stay away from that street...it'll bring out the bad/illegal side of me. Goods are too damn cheap. Cheers
  9. Not sure if these giuys are over priced but they have a good rep and variety of rare or common plants. http://www.liverpoolcreekaquariums.com/anubia.html Cheers
  10. kingtiger

    Discus spawning videos

    They lower the PH and taning your water if you add alot like me. They also said to provide natural healing to the fish. Cheers
  11. kingtiger

    Eheims are to be made in China.

    Manufacturing in China does not mean you have to compromise on quality. Like someone said previous it is all dependent on the company itself, i.e. how much they want to save and how much they want to spend on QC aspect on the production line. The only real saving to manufacture in China is the labour cost. German goods does not always mean good quality either. Cheers
  12. kingtiger

    p.endlicheri spawn

    Yellow, You should save a few for the hobby. These guys are harder to come by at the moment and with all the aging stock in the country they will eventually lost in the hobby. Maybe raise some and give it to those that you know will take care of them and not just for the sell value. Cheers
  13. kingtiger

    11x3x3 in wall tank

    Very nice Chilli Red....
  14. kingtiger

    my tank

    Are you trying to sell your tank or posted in the wrong section? Cheers
  15. kingtiger

    Advice needed on large project

    Forget able breeding Common Pleco. They need mud and lots of it to breed as they barrow into the mud to lay eggs. Cheers