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  1. yowie05

    Tropheus fanatics

    Well I think my maths skills were pretty good considering that I am an electrician but the answers that I get as well as cryptic ones are not letting me register so as far as I am concerned There is something wrong with the site
  2. yowie05

    Tropheus fanatics

    Yer legit that's what I get plus other way to do the calcs but nothing works also got The answer Off a member and still don't work he told me Should be 1.25 but not work so trying to email admin but don't know their email addy but yer it sux Thanks guys
  3. yowie05

    Tropheus fanatics

    Hey guys I trying to register for this forum but I must be soo dumb as I cannot get the challenge question "what does 10 + 15 / 4 x 5 equal " can anyone tell me what it is as I am tearing my hair out Thanks
  4. yowie05

    wild caught v tank bred

    hey guys been out of the scene for a few years now but never even looked at getting wild caught fish b4 and am just curios as to what the differences between buying these would be, besides the water quality. like the colours of wild would be better or worse than tank bred. and any other differences. thanks in advance