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  1. Tropheus fanatics

    Well I think my maths skills were pretty good considering that I am an electrician but the answers that I get as well as cryptic ones are not letting me register so as far as I am concerned There is something wrong with the site
  2. Tropheus fanatics

    Yer legit that's what I get plus other way to do the calcs but nothing works also got The answer Off a member and still don't work he told me Should be 1.25 but not work so trying to email admin but don't know their email addy but yer it sux Thanks guys
  3. Tropheus fanatics

    Hey guys I trying to register for this forum but I must be soo dumb as I cannot get the challenge question "what does 10 + 15 / 4 x 5 equal " can anyone tell me what it is as I am tearing my hair out Thanks
  4. wild caught v tank bred

    hey guys been out of the scene for a few years now but never even looked at getting wild caught fish b4 and am just curios as to what the differences between buying these would be, besides the water quality. like the colours of wild would be better or worse than tank bred. and any other differences. thanks in advance
  5. cyprochromis locale

    hi guys thanks for the replies. ged that article is good but i read that a while ago and as for pics the only camera is on my phone so not the best and they still youngish but they look like they have some thick bars through the body some yellow on dorsal and anal fins.hth.the wimpel description sounds interesting again thanks guys iain
  6. cyprochromis locale

    hi there last time i was in sydney i bought some cyps from a shop in parramatta.ive searched the net and cannot find any info on them. they are cyp kibishi wimpel .now i can find a location in lake tang called kibishi but got no idea on the wimpel part. also would like to know if they would be jumbos or not and hopefully some pics of these thanks peeps iain
  7. surimensis with popeye

    hi people thanks heaps for the replies they were really helpful as usual this forum has disappointed me with regards to help from people probly why i dont post much again thanks iain ps the surimensis is now dead
  8. surimensis with popeye

    hi peeps this arvo came home to find the said fish with a cloudy eye that is also poped out a bit . also there is a mark to the top like it has taken some skin off this mark was there last night and put some home made melafix in but looks like its getting worse. any suggestions would be muchly appreciated thanks iain
  9. i'm going up to coffs harbour

    hi there about the only good one is in woolgoolga bout 20 ks north of coffs called "just fish".just be wary once you get in there the owner steve will talk your ears off. he would have the best range of cichlids in the area.the only other shop any good is the discount pet wharehouse in the homebase centre on the north side of coffs.lots of tanks but mainly peacefuls.to get to the one in woopi go from coffs north on the highway till you get to woopi(woolgoolga)take first right follow to t intersection turn right then go to centre of town,just before the islands in middle of road turn right and staight away turn left .on the right there is an arcade with a friut shop and video shop at the front just walk between these and you will see it.anyway i live in grafton 80ks north of coffs and when we go south thats where we go .hth iain & mell ps if you go to just fish in woopi can you tell us what you thought. thanks
  10. Cichlid Documentary

    hi just wondering if its jewels of the rift if so here is a link for it http://carazy.net/mpegs/NatGeoParts/ its still htere just read help file.hth iain
  11. hi peeps just wondering what the differences between these two r? thanks iain
  12. For the Electrician's out there

    hi nigel im an electriciain but its been about ten years since ive worked on single phase cap start motors.it looks ok but that green wire coming out of the motor thats connected to the positive from the incoming lead doesnt look right as green normally represents earth.but like i said its been ages for these little motors. on thinking more there is two windings in a single phase motor one for start the other for run so dissregard what i said about that green wire from the internals i think that if u had them the wrong way it could either burn out or just not run.hey get a three phase one then i could be of more help.sorry mate.if in doubt turn it on and off really quick,if it goes your laughin if not, back to taking it to someone but that would be your best bet anyway,might cost a few dollars but better safe than sorry anyway like old mate said next time before shots would be handy or write the terminations down then you got no probs sorry cant be more help c ya iain if you dont need it till later in the week i will take a copy of the photo into work and get a second spark to have look as he finished his apprenticeship 18 months ago so this stuff will be fresh in his mind so to speak
  13. att ozioscar

    hi there can u tell me what u think of the daylight tube.its interesting to hear your thoughts thanks iain
  14. What type of fluoro when just one tube?

    hi ozi well i think that the fish colour is good.ive got them on all tanks.the fish i have are hongi,saulosi,flameback,red empress,marleri peacocks,venustas,livingstoni,a compressorceps,neo multis,brichardis,tetracanthus,popellini,descampsi,hequi,blackbelts,synspillum,rivulatus,texas,rainbows,parrots,brasilliensis,suramensis,hartwegi,fenastratus,pleco,gibby,bn and like i said they all look good to me pretty much the same as most pictures ive seen on the net and posted up here.i do have pics ive taken but htey not taken with dig camera and i dont have a scanner.anywayfor the price of the tube best bet is to get one and see what you think,the brand that i hve is sylvania.hope that helps iain