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  1. Hey Mike! Very Impressive!!! And a hard Tang to find these day's! Great to see someone is having some success! I used to keep Elongatus but this species is much nicer IMO Keep up the good work mate
  2. hey crew heres a photo of my asian koi about 6yrs old now..love it....mitch
  3. The tank i removed the weir from was only a 6x2 so the height may be a bit of an issue!!! i guess you could lay the tank on its side with its weir at the bottom so you can get access to it!!!! Than its just a matter of getting some razorblades( if the tank does have glass beads around the edges you will need to remove them first!!! Than just slide the razor down the edges and slowly losen the weir!!!! Be very careful slicing at the base, where the weir joins the base glass!!!!! You may also need to put a new bit of silicone where the weir touched the base!!!! Mitch
  4. Yep mate can be done!!!!! I removed one from a six footer a couple of weeks ago, but it did take me an hour an a half. Also if the weir has glass beads around it??? It will make it harder to remove!!! mitch
  5. Top shots the last one is great!!!! Venus Tuskfish i think????? Thanks for sharing!!!!!!
  6. When i was thirteen or fourteen i had nine fish tanks in my bedroom!!! I was so interested, i collected tangs and malawi's and other bits and pieces!!! Then oneday i just stoped, sold all the fish and tanks!!! About three years ago i was out with a mate at a lfs and saw some Lamp occelatus and that was the trigger!!!!!! I'm now keeping Tangs( sandsifters, featherfins and some shellies) and have a nice little fish room getting bigger all the time, currently have five six footers and two four footers and i can't get enough of it!!!! From the time when i gave up to when i restarted i hardly thought about Cichlids at all(i'm now twenty five). I can't emagine my life without Tangs, but i guess that could change just like it did before, its hard to say what will happen you may all of a sudden regain interest and start expanding again!!!
  7. mitch1983

    Pallet Racks

    My last pallet rack had 2x 6x2x2 and and 2 four footers and that was on one span! So i think the structure is strong enough to hold what you want!!! I also think that you should be careful drilling extra holes into it as it may weaken the design!!! Best call the surplyer and ask if it can be drilled!! Mitch
  8. mitch1983

    Pallet Racks

    I don't use Dexion but i think most pallet racking beams just Clip to the side structure! Well mine do anyway! most come with a little safety pin that drops into a small hole where the beams joins the sides, this pin stops the beams popping out! As for the overhang i think that 13cm is way to much and you won't be properly supporting the face of the tank!, it could potentialy fail under the water load! Mitch
  9. Mbuna, very good point! The water coming out of the Bore is very cold, i have measured the temperature in winter and it can be as low as 9'c. I keep my water change barrels in my fish room so over a few days the warm to nearly room temp!!! Mitch
  10. Hay mate! I use Tank and Bore water for all my fishy stuff. We catch the water of our roof and we pump it from the ground using a Bore, this water is than mixed when it goes into our holding tanks!!!! I keep Tangs exclusively so i am very particular about water quality!!!! I have several 270L drums to age the water! I don't know if its necessary but i age the water for a whole week. I do my water changes once a week so after i finish, i refill the drums and leave them for the week. When i fill the drums i add the required buffers and some prime. The drums have there own air surply. I think it would be smart to get your tank water tested by a professional to see if there is any heavy metals coming off the roof, and just to check the ph anfd whatever else may be in the water!! Hope this helps...... Mitch
  11. Thanks for the responses guy's, i have ordered the parts i need!!! I finished the system last night and i'm just waiting for the nipples to turn up!!! Thanks again !!!!!!!!! Mitch
  12. Can you screw or glue them into conduit???? If so i think i will use plastic!
  13. HI GUYS I'm am installing a fixed air system to the ceiling of my fish room. Made from 20mm conduit and i need some brass nipples to screw into it so i can attach the airline, need about fifteen! Does anyone know where i can buy them??? Thanks, Mitch.
  14. That looks cool!!! and is a good photo!!!
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