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  1. I thought the last group of balzanii died? Good to see that there are still some around. I remember someone nearly bred them and a whole lot died, or someone lied to me haha.
  2. Altifrons and Rio branco are seperate, There were some altifrons floating around qld and perth, not sure if they still are. But yeah Yeah They all vary in shape, you have to remember these fish have been in the country for along time, and bred with the original stocks for who knows how long. Cheers Mark
  3. Same as everything, they fluctuate with how popular they are at the time. Main issue in Australia is difficulty to find quality fish, as we are working on old stock, and mostly fish which have probably been interbred.
  4. Generally the finer stuff is better for them as it is easier for them to sift. I used washed sand from bunnings.
  5. There was very low numbers a while ago, but i believe there is none left in the country unfortunately. They should start to show orange quite early probably around 4-5cm, depends on quality aswell.
  6. They always had a good following
  7. Whenever you like, but yeah if you wanna remove just wait till fry are free swimming easier. I generally left fry with parents unless I was breeding rarer fish lol.
  8. The moment you know he is ready is when he breeds, not really any easy was to tell, i don't know what there general breeding size is, if you have a cave or something for them they should breed by themselves, and no your africans should not breed with her. Cheers.
  9. haha everyone went through that horrible first tank, i had some pretty crappy gear on mine, so cloudy lol
  10. Those cv's were fantastic, i miss my geo's too, one of the prettiest fish to keep, good to watch too.
  11. Red horseface was the name given to all geophagus early on, i beleive most of them turned out to be geophagus brachybranchus.
  12. lol weird i was working in that same spot on a housing NSW joint, that was a resteraunt or pizzaria when i was there quick change .
  13. plenty of the eartheaters are nearly gone or died off totally. Cheers Mark~
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