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  1. Hi expat, I was searching for Dalbarb suppliers a year or so back. Had no luck. That was all I ever purchased if I wanted a nice stand and hood. Assume they just went out of business. Cheers, Jason
  2. He's a tang keeper... of course he's going to be a nice bloke [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. No worries. Was happy to try and help out. Just glad we got it sorted out in the end. Good score
  4. @humbug ... could not have worded what you just said any better!
  5. My "guess" came from about 30 years of keeping Tangs as I said keep us informed as it grows... going to be easier to identify with a bit of size and after losing the juvenile colouration. Maybe guess wasn't the correct wording I could of used. I was originally going to post exactly what Humbug typed but thought surely bulletbill would have thought of that and may have decided against it for some reason. Ducksta poses a very good one Is there a reason bulletbill you haven't contacted the breeder? I'd be very suprised if you've purchased numerous fish from he/she that they would ask for it back. I for one would really like to know what it is! Cheers, Jason
  6. Couldn't find any fry photos but found this online for a juvenile Savoryi.... Also trying to compare the photos to Neolamprologus Buescheri but the bars are more defined in bulletbill88 specimen. Hmmmm.....think I'm still sticking with my original "guess".
  7. I'm happy to rule out cylindricus as the shape of the body to deep and not elongated enough. Same goes for compressiceps/calvus on this theory the body is not deep enough. I'm also putting a line through altolamprologus fasciatus solely on the finage. The dorsal fin on the fasciatus extends all the way to the caudal fin which doesn't in our specimen. The fish looks like a juvenile Neolamprologus Savoryi to me just my 2c I'd be confident to rule it down to Neolamprologus sp though. Keep us informed as it grows.... good score either way.
  8. Just Tropheus at the moment. Have had numerous colonies of Foai and they'll always be my favourite tang!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Hi Mic, Love the video. Thanks for posting. Cheers, Jason
  10. Hi Mic, I really don't think there is a set number that could answer that question 100% as it depends a lot on the M:F ratio and personal preference with stocking numbers. However, I usually work off a displaying male per 2 feet of tank as a rule of thumb. Personal experience having kept foai in 4/5/6ft tanks before I find that in a four foot I ended up with 2 nests either end. A 5 foot I'd get 2/3 depending on layout of then tank and a 6ft I'd always end up with three. Excess males that don't get become dominant tend to just cruise around with the females trying their best to stay out of the way of the dominant ones until they make a play for the territory. The smallest tank I've kept foai in was a 4x2 and I had 10 in that tank. Not ideal but only tank I had spare. I'd be comfortable in keeping up to 16 in your size tank. Hope this helps a little. Once again love the video and your foai. Best of luck with them. Cheers, Jason
  11. 110% not a magara! I don't think it's kabogo either, wrong patterning across the back. Amazing looking foai though Would be interested to find out what variant they are. I'd take up @tangs4me offer at a heartbeat. Hard to give an answer to a 1000L tank mic. With any featherfin I find it's more about the floor size than tank size. What's the length and width of the tank? Cheers, Jason
  12. Wow Ronny..... that was awesome. Thanks for taking the time to not only post that but to document their growth so well. Congrats on the fry!!
  13. Ned, Not a problem at all. Your certainly not stirring the pot. Far from it... in fact I think any discussion about the origin and correct naming of any foai is very important to all of us. As soon as I can get him in some sort of decent colour I'll post up a video. Cheers, Jason
  14. FANTASTIC!!!! I'm more than happy that hopefully mine turn out like that Thanks for sharing those photos mate.
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