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  1. Hi mate if you seperate your electric yellow it would most likely get stressed just leave her in the six foot for two week after the spawning date then strip her you should get a bit more this time as she is still learning to breed. If you see other fishes stressing her out then put more caves so she can hide and brood the fry.
  2. Great Tour mate love the Danger sign infront of the door but very organised fishroom thanks for sharing
  3. Hey Matt, Are you sure that yours are really Tapajos? People down here have been advertising that they have Real Tapajos for sale for years and I am yet to find any. Just about everything in Melbourne is Rio Araguaia and not Tapajos, no matter what they are being advertised as. I myself have bought three different spawns of Tapajos Guaranteed and grown them up to find that they are Araguaia. You can't tell the difference at an early age but as an adult they all show the horizontal line from the gill case to the lateral spot (Rio Araguaia). If you know of a secret supply of the real stuff, I would LOVE to get some. Glenn Yes mine are real topajos as I bought mine from a good eartheater breeder down here so i trust that they are topajos and they look the same as the topajos in books so i guess they are the real deal
  4. shouldn't be too hard to find mate seen these floating around melbourne lately so if you want to freight than u should be able to get some easy as i have about 7 myself at 7-9cm
  5. yeh best to keep these beautiful fish in a 4ft for better breeding results and growth mate they will look awesome
  6. what is you hardness mate as that may play a part for your fish not to eat
  7. once you start breeding quality fish you would have no problems selling them to lfs or privately and it will alos help build your reputatation in keeping fish :D good luck!
  8. better less if you can find cheap coral sand if there is such thing lol cos they are wortha fortune these day, and use that as your substrat as you peacocks will breed every month or week for you if you keep them in clean and good water! also watch you hardness have it a 300ppm and up wards
  9. it is best to breed fish from different bloodline so you are able to get some quality fry as breeding fish from the same bloodline will make quality not as good as it continues on.
  10. Yeh I would up the temperature as I lost Albino Bn in colder water
  11. Aren't these illegal in sydney sorry if I am offending but I thought these were illegal in Aus?
  12. Give us your water parameters so we see if there are any provblems are there! eg. nitrite, ammonia, Ph, Hardness this would help determine the problem
  13. Usually it can take up to a week or even two weeks befor they move into there new home as they need to get use to the conditions
  14. Hi mate your ph and hardness seems a bit low you might want to bump it up abit as they can live at gh of 250 =- 300ppm and ph of 8.0 - 9.0
  15. if the bristlenose babys got eaten I would suggest moving the yellow before his luck runs out lol
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