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  1. He was very well fed. Half a steamed zucchini once a week which he would devour in a day. Then the rest of the week he would munch on the leftovers from feeding the Brasiliensis their strict vegetarian diet of stuff I make myself. I guess when you put it that way, I had him long enough to die of a possible natural cause. One day he was good, the next day he was laying there, I could make out his flesh between his scales all the way from his head to his tail. Just this slight pink outline between each scale, like they were spread out. I tried feeding but he didn't take anything. So I figured the best thing to do was leave him alone. The next day his body had turned white. All white. I actually thought he was dead, so I sat there staring at him for a good 30 mins. I observed no movement at all. So I went in with the net and I had some newspaper handy. He moved away from the net. This is when I was starting to search for things here, asked the LFS. etc. I really didn't get far because he was officially dead when I got back. His companions I bought with him which aren't much younger are still going. But they're much smaller. I still want to head over to Lams in Parramatta and see what is on special, as I received an email from them that all of April was a sale or something. Cheers pips
  2. I took some water the the LFS today to get tested. It's all clear. So, why the freakin heck do my fish randomly die? This really baffles me.
  3. I appreciate your offer very much. But I feel a little uncomfortable taking something for nothing. I also feel more uncomfortable putting a fish in a tank where randomly things die. I really want to get to the bottom of why this is happening. I'll see how I go with that first, but I thought maybe I could get advice on where to start with regards to finding out why this happens ever so often. If it's me or my water coming out my tap.
  4. One morning when feeding my fish I noticed my 6" long BN not his usual active self. Closer look revealed that he was not breathing. But when I got right up to the glass he moved slightly. But he didn't look his usual dark grey self. He wasn't active. I checked my water condition and everything is okay. All my other fish are well. But after a day the BN died. Sat there in the corner, white and dead. Would it be just at the end of it's life? This seems to happen to me every few years and I can never explain the weirdness of my setup. A few years ago, some of you might remember my tank deciding it didn't want the water inside it anymore. But there was no trace of the water outside the tank. I was thinking of taking advantage of the sale for April at LAM's aquarium and maybe seeing if I can replace him. Or keep an eye on members selling their fry over the next couple of weeks. He was my favourite in the tank. Almost hand them him daily.
  5. That's a really sad sight to be greeted with for the first day of the year. What sort of temperatures did your place reach to get them like that? I know, at times my tank has read 32°C and my fish have survived. Never the less, sad sad sad to hear about your loss.
  6. I try to only buy off here, but I changed over to American's a while back (sort of - that's part of the problem). But I am having a hard time finding American's on this forum. So I went to this place in Parramatta under recommendation from members here. I found the place to be good, quality fish and great customer service. But it turns out they too don't know what they are selling. Happy New Year to everyone anyway. pips
  7. Can Brasiliensis appear to look like Convicts during their juvi stages? I bought 4 Brasiliensis from the FS in Parramatta under recommendation and have found that after three or four weeks in the tank, they're all going grey with thin black stripes. Just like a Convict. I'm getting fed up with these FS's in Sydney that are selling me one type of fish and a month later I find that it's not the fish I saw in the book of adults. I just want to buy fish I think I'm getting. Taking it back to the shop is a waste of time too. Just like the last time, they'll just give me a few bucks off my next purchase. I've not had much luck with fish lately. pips
  8. Talk about resurrecting an old thread. Since then I still havent come up with an explanation as to why and how the water had emptied out. Though a few months later, the brace that goes from the middle front to the back broke away from its silicon. I gave the tank away to a member here. I have a replacement tank, and must say, nothing like this has happened since. I still think about how it all happened to this day. In fact everytime I do a water change. pipsqeek
  9. Just so everyone knows. The Braziliensis are now eating. Some of the females are still shy and won't eat the food while I hold it in my hand. The male loves being hand fed. His colours are starting to apear. pips
  10. I'm not too versed on how a sump works exactly. My large canister filter works fine for my needs. But I like overkill too. So, all you guys saying sump is the way to go, why so? What advantages (and disadvantages) does it have over my Via Aqua 750 that's been going strong for years? pipsqeek
  11. I'm not in a particular hurry, plus my BN's are eating up anything that sits at the bottom for more than 30 seconds. I'll have te try and get some Spirulina this week. They are shifting around a lot of gravel. I use to do the same with my Africans, feed them 4 days and have a day off. etc. thanks very much for the information
  12. Will try the shrimp again. Is Spirulina available as a fish food in the shops? Or do I get the ones for Human consumption from the chemist? From the recommendations you are giving me, it appears the American's prefer more meat content, is this correct? I only ever had Africans and meat made them go nuts and kill each other. Thanks for the advice. Cheers pips
  13. Bump They're still not eating. I have tried a few other foods such as brine and bloodworms. Anyone have any ideas? pips
  14. Hi all, I got rid of my Red Jewels, and I ended up acquiring some Brazilienis. They have been in the tank since yesterday, but they show no interest to whatever food I put in. I have my frozen Cichlid dinner, Goldfish feed (high vegetable content). But the closest they get is about 5 inches away as if they smell it, then swin away. I also have my own mixture of steamed broccolli, carrot and zuccinni mashed all together after steaming and then frozen into small cubes. Are they just not eating because they are stressed from the move? Or is the diet all wrong? Not sure what's going on, but I'd like them to eat something apart form shifting through the gravel. Cheers pipsqeek
  15. Hi there, I have a couple of Red Jewels that appear to love breeding when the water condition isn't that brilliant. When I do regular water changes they don't breed. I let the tank go, on purpose and they get ants in their pants. What's the go with these particular fish? They seem to thrive in water I would imagine would shock you.... it certainly shocks me. I discovered this phenomenon when I left a mate to feed my fish while I was on holidays. He over feed them and my water condition was not impressive. I noticed the jewels breed. When I brought the water back to the right "clean" conditions, I was happy but there was no love in the tank. This went on for a few months. I decided I won't clean the tank out for a little while and see what happens. The water started to tint brown from my drift wood and is ever so slightly cloudy. And guess what? The buggers have breed. Why is it so? pipsqeek
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