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  1. You can see eggs in her mouth in the second pic if you look closely.
  2. I was going to comment that they look similar to a Mylochromis, Rob.
  3. Came across this in my research. Interesting.
  4. Anyone know if we have the true S. ahli here in Aus?
  5. Great looking aquascape, great pics and your water looks crystal clear. Good job.
  6. Here's dad. Not at his best; he's far from the dominant male in that tank.
  7. I've kept these guys a couple of times now, and I've noticed that they love to take food off the surface of the water, especially insects. I've even seen them jump out of the water to get an insect on the underside of the tank lid! Whenever I drop an insect in the (crowded community) tank, it's the nyererei which invariably get to it first. Not sure if it's because they come from an area of lake Vic which has tree-lined shores or something (from which insects might drop)? Secondly, I've noticed that their aggressive nature begins very early - here's a vid I took today of some 2-week old fry at feeding time:
  8. Ah, I didn't spot gissel written on the tank. I'm not an expert on that fish but it seems possible to me that he is a Placidochromis phenochilus 'gissel'. Any particular reason others doubt that?
  9. Looks like a Placidochromis but I have seen fish like that lately labelled blue peacocks (and I doubted they were Aulonocara). Although hard to say from the vid. Suspect not the same as the others in the tank there. Keen for others' opinions.
  10. What do you guys think, the fish is around 10cm, showing no colour yet (in a tank with many males of other species) but that anal fin is pretty developed, lots of egg spots... Possibly a boy or you think not?
  11. Well, in the past 2-3 months I feel I've visited a large proportion of the aquariums in Sydney (that stock Africans), and it seems to me that most of these are either getting colour-fed fish from wholesalers/breeders, or doing it themselves. I asked a couple why they only seem to have male fish in their store, and was told by one establishment that it's because all the females sell quickly to breeders and they are left with all males. Yeah... right. All fully-coloured juvenile males..? Not a single sub-dominant male in any tank...? Another told me that they only receive colour fed MALE fish from the 'importer' (and this was the fish with the mouthful above). So Chris you're right, the ethical issue is them not disclosing it, but the practical issue is finding fish that aren't colour fed! Obviously the answer here is to buy from breeders who aren't using this "helpful tool". PS: I stripped the fish in question, yes it had a gobful of eggs and upon venting was clearly female despite the vivid colouration.
  12. Ok well I wasnt naming white crane specifically. And yes even if the fish was fed colour enhancer which made it appear to be male, it stopped a couple of months ago when I bought the fish. I'm just surprised that a fully coloured 'male' looking Aulonocara would have a mouthful.
  13. So I recently set up a display tank, with a variety of species, intentionally males. I put in some generic red/blue/yellow peacocks without much concern for which Aulonocara species they may be (and realising they were probably hybrids). A nicely coloured red peacock which I figured was probably something like a jacobfriebergi was pretty dominant. I was not naive enough to think it wasn't colour fed, and is heard that they may be sterile in that case but as I said, display tank only. It's been a couple of months and the fish has since lost a little colour but as you can see in the pic, it's still coloured and looks like a male... Except that it now has a mouthful! And a skinnier belly, and (I think) a just slightly visible tube. What are your thoughts? I guess it's possible it has a mouthful of gravel or something, but I've never encountered male Aulonocara holding eggs. And I would have assumed if it was a colour fed female, that it would be sterile.
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