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  1. Geez haven’t seen this name posting in the forum for a long time. I live in Adelaide and can assure you aggies is the only store worth going to for cichlids here and have been for 20 years. Been goin there since I was a child and they still have one of the best varieties and don’t try to sell deformed crap like everywhere else.
  2. If doing discus with plants make sure you just go for adult discus straight away. Babies always end up stunted in planted tanks no matter how many water changes are performed.
  3. That’s awesome. Would love to see pics
  4. Hard to say as all fish are different. If you notice them starting to spawn again that could mean the fry are doomed. If it's they're first spawn I'd be leaving them with the parents and if they end up getting eaten at least youl know when to remove the next batch. Btw they are stunning fire mouths easily the best I've seen in Australia by far.
  5. Thanks for the replies guys much appreciated. That unusual about the pot plants hahaha, any idea why?
  6. Hey guys, just wanting to hear from fish keepers who are currently living in rental properties with lots of tanks and large tanks of 6 feet and over. Just wondering how this usually goes down with landlords and real estate agents when rather large bodies of water get set up in they're properties? would love to hear stories and opinions as we are shifting places soon and I'm dying to get my 6x2 back up and running(has been sitting in a storage facility for some time) as well as something quite larger down the track and possibly a breeding rack. Just wondering how it may go down. Obviously thre is insurance etc to safe guard against accidents and disasters. Curious to hear about other renters experiences. Unfortunately buying is not really an option at the moment. Cheers in advance.
  7. Yea it enables the ph to settle once aerating has removed co2 from the tap water eliminating sudden changes, as well as ensuring chlorine and chloramines are bound by the prime so beneficial bacteria is not affected. I don't bother with the heater in summer but in winter here it gets pretty cold and the drums are outside so I at least like to get the water into the low 20s before pumping it back into the tank. Pumping cold water back into the tank seems to stress and make my green terrors a tad lethargic for a few hours.
  8. I've always done either 2x40% or 1x 70% changes per week on my American cichlids depending how lazy I'm feeling during the week lol. Probably wouldn't do such big changes if I was doing straight out of the tap tho. I got a couple 200 litre food grade drums rigged up with heaters and air pumps for preparing new water so I don't worry about harming my bio with large changes.
  9. I'd imagine in a tank that size with awesome filtration like you've got you'd be more than fine adding quite a few more fish. I've seen smaller tanks stocked a lot more heavily. Only thing if prob do different is up the water change amount( that's just my opinion tho based on keeping American cichlids) Do you have a water storage barrel for ageing and heating?
  10. I'd imagine with 2 monster canisters like that and also large weekly water changes that tank would be able to handle a pretty big bio load. My experience keeping Malawis is very limited though. What are the tank dimensions?
  11. Ah so the uni seal sits somewhere near the bottom of the drum and connects to a pump outside of drum. Sounds like a nice simple, effective set up. Did ya go with another Eco vectra pump?
  12. That filter is a beast, bloody great idea imagine it will be able to support a huge bio load. Looking forward to seeing how the return to the top tank is set up. Lookin great mate
  13. Now you just tormenting me Alex hahah, somethin bigger????? How big we talkin here? Lol. Was already jealous of the 8x3 and 6x2.5 rack and now you talkin about somethin bigger. Don't do it to me mate hahahahaha.
  14. Damn that thing is huge mate. Is it pregnant?
  15. Did he end up wanting it back? Or didn't mind that he mistakenly gave it to you?
  16. That sucks to hear about the racking bowing on ya mate, shattered for ya as there's been quite a bit of effort put in already. Pretty crap that it's happening with less than half the weight it's rated for. I'd be spewin.
  17. Awesome dude glad to hear the set up is goin well. That ray is huuuuuuge lol. Can't believe how much size it's packed on. Love this tank
  18. Looks bloody Killa dude. Pretty damn jealous of this set up haha
  19. Hey mate. Oscars get way too big for a 55. A single male green terror would be fine though. You could possibly even get away with a pair if the female was pretty peaceful and not nasty to the male like mine was but then youl have to deal with fry. I'd steer well clear of ebjd as they are a lot of work just to keep remotely healthy due to the weakened genetics and don't tend to do well with different cichlid tank mates until they reach a pretty decent size. Hth
  20. Look pretty much like what allot of shops sell these days as " assorted peacocks" or "mixed peacocks" There's no knowing exactly what types of peacocks these are as they are all cross bred and generally all females look the same. Lovely display fish but no good for the purists. If you are after pure peacocks there's still a few quality breeders and shops around aus that breed and sell "true to type and location" peacocks. And please if you do end up breeding them and moving any of your fish on make sure they are labeled as mixed or cross bred. Hth mate
  21. Yep she's holding. Just hopefully she has bred with another electric yellow. I'm wondering if it came from a mixed tank or one containing only yellows?
  22. Was gonna say similar. That or a towel
  23. Can't wait to see how these turn out. Always enjoy tuning into your threads. Bass n rays can't get any better.
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